Best Torbjorn turret placement spots on Numbani

Best Torbjorn turret placement spots on Numbani

The best and safest turret spots on Numbani that work even at high ranks. Play Torbjörn only where he is useful to the team and contributes to the victory.

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Not all maps work. Torbjörn is a truly particular hero that doesn’t work well in all maps, so I will only talk about those where he can be an effective pick.

Defense only. I am aware that in some maps he may work also when played on attack, but honestly I would recommend everyone to pick Torbjörn only when on defense.

You do not need a dedicated shield. When playing Torbjörn, you should be able to contribute without the necessity of a shield-based hero such as Orisa or Reinhardt protecting your turret. Do not complain in the team chat if your turret is destroyed.

Safe placements. The main goal of your turret is to survive and provide cover fire to protect a certain area of the map. Do not place it in an open field from where literally anyone in the enemy team could detect and destroy it.

I will illustrate the best locations for your turret considering the points above.

Beside these spots, there are other viable ones depending on your rank. At lower skill ratings people will often ignore your turret, but I want you to learn only the placements that will work even against experienced players. I did include also some risky spots, and explained in detail when you may consider them.


First Point

Use one of these spots to get some ultimate charge as soon as the game starts. They will be wiped out very quickly, but if lucky could grant you a 20% charge. To reach the second location, jump on it via the platform above the bus.

Torbjorn turret spot Numbani first point Overwatch

This is certainly the most used spot on Numbani at lower ranks. The turret has vision on the point, and the room protects it from long-range attackers and flankers. It can be destroyed only via a frontal attack, but generally it should survive as long as your team is alive on the point.

Everyone knows this location, so at higher ranks they will deal with it as soon as it is spotted. It works great to secure the point if Molten Core is charged up.

Torbjorn turret spot Numbani first point Overwatch

The only viable high ground placement. The turret covers the point and defends your back-line. The wall on the left shelters the turret from long-range attackers, but it can be flanked easily.

It isn’t a bad spot, but sincerely I am never been lucky with it and got flanked by Genji or Pharah in most games.

Torbjorn turret Numbani bushes first point

A great spot that covers most of the point, the turret is also partially hidden by the bushes.

Flankers must move around the corner before being able to spot the turret and Pharahs have a hard time hitting it. It does not protect the high ground area above. Spot by YoungWhiteGinger.

Torbjorn turret spot Numbani first point Overwatch

The turret has a great vision on the entire point and can also shoot people on the right side upper walkway. The pillar hides and protects it: the enemy team must go on the point to spot the turret, and it can't be seen from the bridge. Spot by Apexe.

Torbjorn turret Numbani staircase first point

The turret covers a portion of the point and works against dive comps: it shoots at all Pharahs flying over the bridge and the flankers jumping on it. It is partially sheltered by the staircase. Spot by WeeziMonkey.

Torbjorn turret spot Numbani first point Overwatch

Incredibly safe place. It offers a solid view on the point and works fine against dive comps. The range of the turret is limited so it can’t shoot at enemies on the high ground at the opposite side of the point.

Killing this turret isn’t easy as the adversaries must find it, disengage from the battle on the point, and purposely reach this location just to destroy it.

Second Point

Note that Torbjorn is weaker on the second point, so you might consider switching to another hero, but there are still some possible placements.

Torbjorn turret Numbani corner location point two

This location is amazing if your team is holding the payload and blocking the enemies outside their spawn. It isn’t easy to destroy and will contribute to the battle with suppressive fire against any enemy near the corner.

Torbjorn turret Numbani anti-flank spot point two

If the team is fighting around the bus, this spot will protect your supports from flankers for a while.

Torbjorn turret spot Numbani second point Overwatch

You can use this entire platform for a high ground placement. It works for a fight or two, but afterward is destroyed easily.

Torbjorn turret Numbani enclosed spot point two

Very limited field of view, but pretty safe spot. A good position while the payload is approaching and if your team is ready to engage the enemies on the road. Instead, if they are defending next to the choke, just leave this position as your turret will be overwhelmed.

Third Point

Torbjorn turret Numbani choke placement point three

A great spot while your team is holding the choke, particularly if you have a competent tank. It shoots at all enemies in the tunnel and defends your supports from flankers.

The bush hides the turret, and the rock offers protection for your hero, but just leave this position if your teammates lose the choke.

This location and the next one are my two main spots on this map, just alternate between them. The first one is also the most used and is well-known by all Torbjorn players. It covers the choke, protects your back-line, is far away, and hidden behind the tree.

Putting the turret more to the left provides a better camouflage behind the tree and a slightly safer placement against flankers, at the cost of a smaller field of view on the main road.

An amazing placement because to destroy it directly the adversaries must first defeat your teammates protecting the road. It can be flanked easily from both the right and the left side.

The left flank isn’t a big issue as your teammates should block that path as long as they are alive, but the right one is your main concern if the attackers have long-range heroes who can deal with your turret from outside its attack range.

The second spot is near previous one, but is usually less used. It has a more limited field of view and shares the same weaknesses against flankers, but is well-concealed behind the bushes.

If both the high ground placements are under constant attack, you can just put the turret immediately below them, next to the small health pack.


Header image: Blizzard

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