CS:GO Rank Distribution and percentage of players - November 2018

CS:GO Rank Distribution and percentage of players - November 2018

A realistic rank distribution in CS:GO - updated monthly. Find out the percentage of players by rank and the true value of your skill.

A perfect rank distribution isn’t attainable as Valve doesn’t publicly share the info of our profiles. I believe that the situation was different in the past, but they had to establish some limits due to privacy rules, servers load, or for gambling regulations.

Every website can only access the data of the users utilizing their services, such as demo analysis, match history, favorite maps and weapons, general performance, and all sort of detailed stats. By using any of these utilities, we let them scrap info from our profiles, which can be employed also to split the player base across all ranks.

I investigated all the websites available, and in the end I concluded that CS:GO-Stats is the most reliable one due to the huge amount of users. We will use their data for this distribution.

Every month, I will gather the data and update this article. In this way, we will be able to understand how the distribution evolves over time and if there is any difference

September - October - November 2018

Still no changes. I wish we had a proper API to track all the updates in real-time.

August 2018

I update this article every 25-30 days - there were zero differences between July and August.

The statistical tool I use added a disclaimer alerting that their data is updated periodically, so I guess they do a manual process as well, and we can't expect fresh stats at all times.

July 2018

 Rank distribution csgo july 2018

The table is responsive. If you are using a phone, you may have to turn it sideways for a full view. Otherwise, zoom in or click the grey area to swipe it.

Rank Percentage Rank Percentage Rank Percentage
Silver I 3.90% Gold Nova I 8.76% Master Guardian Elite 5.24%
Silver II 4.23% Gold Nova II 8.79% Distinguished Master Guardian 4.15%
Silver III 4.37% Gold Nova III 9.05% Legendary Eagle 3.25%
Silver IV 5.21% Gold Nova Master 8.08% Legendary Eagle Master 3.20%
Silver Elite 6.44% Master Guardian I 7.55% Supreme Master First Class 2.64%
Silver Elite Master 7.78% Master Guardian II 6.61% The Global Elite 0.75%

A summary of the data

  • Silver for low-end players. Less than one-third of the player base is ranked at Silver. If you are one of them, be aware that just improving your aim will greatly influence your matches, rank, and game satisfaction.

  • Low Gold Nova III is the average rank. It goes from the 49 to the 57 percentile. High-end Gold players deserve more respect as Gold Nova Master almost reaches the 70 percentile.

  • The top 20% of the player base is at Master Guardian Elite or better. Reaching this area is already a considerable achievement so you should be proud of your skills.

  • Only the elite obtains The Global Elite. In the past, it was different, but now only the best players of the Valve matchmaking deserve this title.

June 2018

 rank distribution csgo June 2018
Rank Percentage Rank Percentage Rank Percentage
Silver I 4.04% Gold Nova I 8.57% Master Guardian Elite 5.35%
Silver II 4.18% Gold Nova II 8.92% Distinguished Master Guardian 4.20%
Silver III 4.34% Gold Nova III 8.85% Legendary Eagle 3.18%
Silver IV 5.31% Gold Nova Master 8.35% Legendary Eagle Master 3.25%
Silver Elite 6.59% Master Guardian I 7.60% Supreme Master First Class 2.55%
Silver Elite Master 7.58% Master Guardian II 6.47% The Global Elite 0.68%

May 2018

Surprisingly, the distribution in May was exactly the same as in April.

Honestly, I find it very strange as there wasn't even a minimal 0,01% variation at any rank after 30 days. Maybe there was an issue with the statistical tool.

April 2018

 CSGO rank distribution April 2018
Rank Percentage Rank Percentage Rank Percentage
Silver I 3.90% Gold Nova I 8.58% Master Guardian Elite 5.39%
Silver II 4.07% Gold Nova II 8.94% Distinguished Master Guardian 4.28%
Silver III 4.25% Gold Nova III 8.87% Legendary Eagle 3.24%
Silver IV 5.25% Gold Nova Master 8.38% Legendary Eagle Master 3.27%
Silver Elite 6.51% Master Guardian I 7.64% Supreme Master First Class 2.59%
Silver Elite Master 7.54% Master Guardian II 6.60% The Global Elite 0.69%


Statistics from CS:GO-Stats - Header image: Valve

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