Best Torbjorn turret placement spots on Hollywood

Best Torbjorn turret placement spots on Hollywood

The best and safest turret spots on Hollywood that work even at high ranks. Play Torbjörn only where he is useful to the team and contributes to the victory.

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Assault Maps

Escort Maps

Hybrid Maps

Not all maps work. Torbjörn is a truly particular hero that doesn’t work well in all maps, so I will only talk about those where he can be an effective pick.

Defense only. I am aware that in some maps he may work also when played on attack, but honestly I would recommend everyone to pick Torbjörn only when on defense.

You do not need a dedicated shield. When playing Torbjörn, you should be able to contribute without the necessity of a shield-based hero such as Orisa or Reinhardt protecting your turret. Do not complain in the team chat if your turret is destroyed.

Safe placements. The main goal of your turret is to survive and provide cover fire to protect a certain area of the map. Do not place it in an open field from where literally anyone in the enemy team could detect and destroy it.

I will illustrate the best locations for your turret considering the points above.

Beside these spots, there are other viable ones depending on your rank. At lower skill ratings people will often ignore your turret, but I want you to learn only the placements that will work even against experienced players. I did include also some risky spots, and explained in detail when you may consider them.


First Point

Use either of these placements to gain some ultimate charge from the enemies running to the point.

Torbjorn turret Holllywood main spot first point

My favorite spot! It protects most of the point and even a section of the road on the right. Most players don't know it and tend to waste time to find out where the turret is placed as it is hidden behind the grass.

The body of the turret is covered, so it is extremely difficult to destroy with a frontal attack. The opponents must either flank it or kill your entire team before being able to damage your baby.

Torbjorn turret spot Hollywood first point Overwatch

My secondary spot. It is great when the teams are fighting on the point, and it can alter the fate of a battle with Molten Core. Useful also to protect your healers from flankers. The only issue is that this post is overused, so any player expects a turret here.

Torbjorn turret spot Hollywood first point Overwatch

The turret is rather protected and can attack directly the choke. A good placement if your team is holding it and you must provide suppressive fire. Beware of flankers from the right.

You can also place it inside the building to create a safe zone around the health pack and the area immediately facing the car, but it will be weaker to attacks from the balcony.

Torbjorn turret spot Hollywood first point Overwatch

I am including this “classic” location on the elevator, but honestly I do not recommend it. It should work only at lower ranks and if the enemies have no long-range heroes. Generally, the turret won’t last for long as people know this spot and how to deal with it.

Second and Third Point

Torbjorn is an excellent choice on the first point, but afterwards he becomes a mediocre pick that will only ruin your chances to claim victory.

Similarly to King’s Row, street battles are horrible for Torbjorn, so he can’t work at all on the second point. The third point has some positions barely acceptable - at the very end - but overall they can either be flanked or sniped easily due to the conformation of the map.


Header image: Blizzard

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