Apex Legends characters’ official ages

Apex Legends characters’ official ages

A list of the official ages of all the Apex Legends characters. All the info has been revealed by Respawn and it is available on the video game website.

Respawn provided a brief biography on each character in the game, which includes full name, age, home world, and background history. All the information is freely accessible on the Electronic Arts website under the section dedicated to Apex Legends.

I gathered all the data and will keep updating this page with fresh one as soon as new legends are released.

Season 2: The latest character added to the game is Wattson.

Ages - from youngest to oldest

  • 22 - Wattson

  • 24 - Lifeline

  • 24 - Octane

  • 30 - Gibraltar

  • 30 - Mirage

  • 35 - Bangalore

  • 48 - Caustic

  • Unknown - Bloodhound

  • Unknown - Pathfinder

  • Unknown - Wraith

  • Unknown - Crypto

At the moment, the lore of Apex Legends is quite basic if compared to games such as Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege, so there isn’t lots of info to share.

Apex Legends is a game based on the Titanfall series, and it takes places about 30 years after the events displayed in Titanfall 2. We are talking about a deep and complex universe, so also this game has a great potential, and the developers might release more material on the past and the evolution of each character.

Meanwhile, I suggest checking out the video below by Esports Talk, which provides detailed information on the lore of the game and the stories of all the eight legends available at launch.

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