Best Torbjorn turret placement spots on Volskaya Industries

Best Torbjorn turret placement spots on Volskaya Industries

The best and safest turret spots on Volskaya Industries that work even at high ranks. Play Torbjörn only where he is useful to the team and contributes to the victory.

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Hybrid Maps

Not all maps work. Torbjörn is a truly particular hero that doesn’t work well in all maps, so I will only talk about those where he can be an effective pick.

Defense only. I am aware that in some maps he may work also when played on attack, but honestly I would recommend everyone to pick Torbjörn only when on defense.

You do not need a dedicated shield. When playing Torbjörn, you should be able to contribute without the necessity of a shield-based hero such as Orisa or Reinhardt protecting your turret. Do not complain in the team chat if your turret is destroyed.

Safe placements. The main goal of your turret is to survive and provide cover fire to protect a certain area of the map. Do not place it in an open field from where literally anyone in the enemy team could detect and destroy it.

I will illustrate the best locations for your turret considering the points above.

Beside these spots, there are other viable ones depending on your rank. At lower skill ratings people will often ignore your turret, but I want you to learn only the placements that will work even against experienced players. I did include also some risky spots, and explained in detail when you may consider them.

Volskaya Industries

First Point

Torbjorn turret spot Volskaya Industries first point Overwatch

The best position to obtain some ultimate charge at the start of the match. The turret can attack all heroes around the choke and is also quite troublesome to destroy.

Torbjorn turret spot Volskaya Industries first point Overwatch

The most popular spot on the first point. It covers a small portion of the choke, protects your teammates from flankers, and also attacks any hero that reaches the point.

Placing the turret near the window to the left is a poor idea as you limit its attack range on the point and completely hide the choke. The window to the right has a wider vision on the choke, but also makes the turret a weak target against long-range attackers - use it only if you have a Reinhardt or Orisa shielding the entrance.

This is also a great place for Torbjorn himself as he can spam left-click on the choke (be sure to aim at head height).

Torbjorn turret spot Volskaya Industries first point Overwatch

It only works if you have a shield-based hero holding the choke, thus I do not recommend it. If they die, or fail to protect the turret properly, it will be destroyed in no time by long-range heroes.

Torbjorn turret spot Volskaya Industries first point Overwatch

An excellent spot against dive comps. It protects your back-line and shoots at all enemies rushing to the point from this side.

Torbjorn turret spot Volskaya Industries first point Overwatch

If your team loses the choke and the enemies invade the point, you can relocate the turret here from the main spot. The field of view is limited, and flankers can catch you quickly, but it will do its job for a couple of fights.

Two secondary locations at either sides of the point. They both have a narrow vision and can be destroyed easily once spotted.

The one on the right side is safer as usually the opponents show their back to the turret. Potentially a game-changing placement to block the final push if you have Molten Core available.

Torbjorn turret spot Volskaya Industries first point Overwatch

The turret can attack the entire point and is protected from snipers, but everyone knows this location. Honestly, it just works for a single fight, and if your tanks are on the point holding the attackers.

Torbjorn Turret Volskaya Industries one-time spot first point.png

Another position that works for one battle, if your team is on the point and there are no flankers to demolish your turret on the floor above.

Torbjorn Turret Volskaya Industries very safe spot first point

A safe and solid location to attack all heroes heading to the point and protect your supports. Often, the enemies may ignore this turret if they are just too busy fighting against your team.

Torbjorn turret spot Volskaya Industries first point Overwatch

I don’t like this position neither the remaining high ground ones, but will talk about this one in particular as I saw it used in many games. It does cover the point and the area surrounding it, but is a very poor placement because it can be destroyed both by flankers and long-range attacks.

The previous three placements are also suitable for a final defense if Molten Core is charged up.

Second Point

Note that the moving platforms shouldn’t be used as a main spot for the turret, but you can place one there when the enemies are respawning to gain some ultimate charge. I do not love this tactic because it is risky: if they are able to pull out a surprise attack, and you do not position the turret fast enough, your defense will be weakened.

Torbjorn turret spot Volskaya Industries second point Overwatch

One of the best spots against dive comps, but it will be eradicated quickly when facing slow ones as they will deal with the turret before going to the point.

Torbjorn turret spot Volskaya Industries second point Overwatch

Probably this is the most used spot ever, on the left side of the point. It does its job attacking all enemies getting there, but everyone expects a turret here so they know how to deal with it.

You can find my main spot on the right side of the point. It covers almost the entire area, works great versus direct attacks, and protects your supports from flankers.

The turret can survive for long because not many players know this placement, and they also need to defeat your team before being able to destroy it. They can flank the turret, but the big box protects it from most attacks.

Torbjorn turret spot Volskaya Industries second point Overwatch

The only viable high ground position on the second point. The turret covers a good portion of it, protects your back-line, and is rather safe as can’t be wiped out easily by long-range attackers.

Flankers are the only issue, particularly Pharah as she can strike from behind flying over the gap.

Torbjorn turret spot Volskaya Industries second point Overwatch

A horrible placement versus dive comps and flankers, but excellent when facing slow lineups that require time to reach the point. The turret will keep attacking and weakening their shields.

You can also use the left wall for a partial cover, protecting your turret from long-range attacks, but reducing its vision on the point.

If not flanked, the turret should be able to survive for a long time as your entire team will be on the point, thus providing cover with their own bodies. In such a scenario, a good Molten Core might change the fate of the match.

Considering the huge number of viable turret spots on this map, I strongly advise to continue rotating them so the enemies will never know the exact location of your turret.


Header image: Blizzard

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