Teamfight Tactics (TFT): Seasonal rank system and player distribution - September 2019

Teamfight Tactics (TFT): Seasonal rank system and player distribution - September 2019

The rank system in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is composed of 9 ranks split in 4 tiers each. Find out the player distribution and all the info shared by Riot devs SapMagic, Ran Cao, and MapleNectar on the MMR system.

I will monitor both the dev blogs and their social profiles to update this article over time with all the info we have on the rank system and distribution.

Beta season

September 2019

The Riot API only allows to gather data by server, so I can’t provide a global rank distribution for Teamfight Tactics. 

The player distribution is pretty much the same in any server, but for this specific graph I used the data from the EU West server as it is the most populated one with 1.5 million ranked players.

In second place we find the Korean server with 1.5 million players (just 20k behind), and then the North American one with almost 900k.

Teamfight Tactics rank distribution September 2019

The table is responsive. If you are using a phone, you may have to turn it sideways for a full view. Otherwise, zoom in or click the grey area to swipe it.

Rank Percentage Rank Percentage Rank Percentage
Iron IV 0.01% Silver II 5.49% Diamond IV 0.8%
Iron III 0.91% Silver I 4.14% Diamond III 0.28%
Iron II 5.59% Gold IV 7.86% Diamond II 0.14%
Iron I 8.17% Gold III 6.3% Diamond I 0.1%
Bronze IV 9.94% Gold II 5.49% Master 0.02%
Bronze III 8.01% Gold I 3.52% GrandMaster 0.04%
Bronze II 6.7% Platinum IV 4.96% Challenger 0.02%
Bronze I 5.05% Platinum III 2.24%
Silver IV 6.5% Platinum II 1.27%
Silver III 5.73% Platinum I 0.73%
  • In September, the average rank moved from Bronze I to Silver V as the latter is equal to the 50.88 percentile.

  • The amount of players at Diamond and above increased by 40% (from 1% to 1.4%), but this is completely normal for a new game. The higher ranks will stabilize only after several months.

August 2019

In July 2019, the EU West server was the most populated one with with 1.2 million ranked players, so I decided to utilize it as the main source for this rank distribution.

In second place we find the Korean server with 1.1 million players, and then the North American one with almost 700k.

Teamfight Tactics TFT Rank Distribution August 2019
Rank Percentage Rank Percentage Rank Percentage
Iron IV <0.00% Silver II 5.44% Diamond IV 0.65%
Iron III 0.77% Silver I 4.05% Diamond III 0.21%
Iron II 5.74% Gold IV 6.79% Diamond II 0.09%
Iron I 9.46% Gold III 5.43% Diamond I 0.03%
Bronze IV 11.57% Gold II 4.38% Master <0.00%
Bronze III 9.51% Gold I 2.46% GrandMaster 0.03%
Bronze II 7.77% Platinum IV 3.99% Challenger 0.02%
Bronze I 5.95% Platinum III 1.69%
Silver IV 6.83% Platinum II 0.89%
Silver III 5.87% Platinum I 0.38%

There are no news on the TFT ranked system.

  • In August, Bronze I is the average rank as it is equal to the 50.77 percentile.

  • About 1% of the players are ranked at Diamond and above, and reaching Platinum V is already a great accomplishment as you are among the 7% best players in the game.

  • Honourable mention to Iron IV players as achieving this rank is even more difficult than becoming a GrandMaster or Challenger.

July 2019

In July 2019, the EU West server was the most populated one with almost 700K ranked players, so I decided to utilize it as the main source for this rank distribution.

In second place we find the Korean server with 600K players, and then the North American one with 400K. Note that the distribution is pretty much the same anywhere.

  • The Challenger and GrandMaster tiers are still not open. 

  • Currently, there are about 35 players ranked at Master in Europe. 

  • I don’t know the exact number of players at Iron IV, but it is very limited.

Note: TFT is a new game, so the distribution might change drastically in the months to come.

Teamfight Tactics rank distribution July 2019
Rank Percentage Rank Percentage Rank Percentage
Iron IV <0.00% Silver II 4.02% Diamond IV 0.12%
Iron III 0.08% Silver I 2.91% Diamond III 0.04%
Iron II 6.61% Gold IV 3.15% Diamond II 0.02%
Iron I 14.59% Gold III 2.18% Diamond I 0.01%
Bronze IV 17.37% Gold II 1.58% Master <0.00%
Bronze III 14.47% Gold I 0.96% GrandMaster -
Bronze II 10.56% Platinum IV 1.07% Challenger -
Bronze I 7.74% Platinum III 0.44%
Silver IV 6.72% Platinum II 0.23%
Silver III 5.02% Platinum I 0.11%

The beta ranked season started on July 17th, 2019 with patch 9.14. Each season will have a duration of three to four months and will feature a unique flavor with new champions, items, and synergies.

At the end of each season there will be a soft reset. The developers expect new seasons to shake up the meta, so we will be demoted by several divisions.

They decided to use the same tiers and divisions of League of Legends, so “being Diamond in TFT should be similar to being Diamond in LoL, and only the best players should be able to reach Challenger.”

There are a total of nine main ranks, and the first six are split into four divisions each:

  • Iron IV to I

  • Bronze IV to I

  • Silver IV to I

  • Gold IV to I

  • Platinum IV to I

  • Diamond IV to I

  • Master

  • GrandMaster

  • Challenger

Teamfight Tactics rank system - Riot

Teamfight Tactics rank system - Riot

Gaining and losing rank

It is necessary to reach at least the top 4 in a match to rank up. Generally, LP (League Points) are awarded to the best four players in each match, while the remaining ones will lose them.

The matchmaking system in Teamfight Tactics is quite complex as we are talking about a 8-player game, so you might end dropping rank even with a top 4 placement, depending on the rank of the opponents faced.

Moreover, you will earn/lose lots of LP ending first/last in a match, so your rank will change quicker than in League of Legends. 

MMR decay

Ran Cao, Data Scientist at Riot, clarified that in TFT there is MMR decay for players ranked at Diamond and above.

  • At Diamond, you lose 50 LP after 30 days of inactivity, and 50 more every seven days afterwards.

  • At Master and above, you can bank up to 10 games, and one banked game is removed daily. You lose 250 LP daily if you don’t have a banked game to lose.

Ranked party queue and restrictions

The developers want to offer a fun and social experience to players ranked at Gold and below, while they will tighten the premade size at Platinum and above for competitive reasons. 

This is the current plan:

  • Premades of up to five for Gold and below.

  • Premades of up to three for Platinum and above.

The image below shows who can queue with whom depending on their rank.

Teamfight Tactics ranked party restrictions - Riot

Teamfight Tactics ranked party restrictions - Riot


Many players are worried about potential abuses. Premades could boost one of their members using four smurfs, and even interfere with the gameplay of the other players with “cheats” (such as helping each other during the Carousel stage), but the developers promised they will act if restrictions are necessary.

We believe that TFT is different enough from SR that we wanted to take a stab at letting players play ranked with friends, but we’re super aware that abuse cases may crop up. 

We’ll be watching closely to make sure TFT ranked is a competitive experience and that your rank feels meaningful. If we end up needing to further restrict premade size than we will, but we wanted to start here and see how it goes!
— Richard “MapleNectar” Henkel - TFT Product Lead

Update: With patch 7.14, the ranked premade party size has been limited to three players at all ranks.

Previously we mentioned that you can queue with up to five friends if you’re all Gold or lower. Due to some concerns, we’ll be changing the party size restriction to 3 at all Tiers for TFT Ranked. We’ll continue evaluating further restrictions at higher ranks :)
— Ran Cao - Data Scientist at Riot

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