Apex Legends Rank Distribution and percentage of players by tier - Season 2

Apex Legends Rank Distribution and percentage of players by tier - Season 2

The official Apex Legends rank distribution released by Respawn. Find out the percentage of players at each rank and learn the true value of your skill. Updated to Season 2.

Respawn doesn’t provide an API to gather data on the rank distribution, but luckily they don’t hide all the info on the playerbase. In fact, a few weeks before the end of season 2, they shared the official player distribution in ranked play.

I will continue updating this article with fresh stats as soon as the developers will publish updated info during the next seasons.

Note: Ranked League Series 1 took place during Apex Legends Season 2.

Rank distribution

Season 2 - Ranked Leagues Series 1

The following distribution includes all the players who played more than five hours of Ranked. It is updated to September 10th, 2019.

Apex Legends rank distribution Season 2


  • Bronze: 5.1%

  • Silver: 40.0%

  • Gold: 35.7%

  • Platinum: 16.8%

  • Diamond: 2.1%

  • Apex Predator: 0.2%

Summary of Series 1 and news

Respawn published a summary of Ranked Series 1, and explained what’s going to change in the next one.

In Series 2, there will be no modifications to tiers and divisions, the level requirement for ranked play will remain at 10, and playing in a group will continue to matchmake up to the highest ranked player.

The developers are pleased with the results brought by ranked leagues, and believe the score-based system worked better than a hidden ELO-type system, so they will continue utilizing it also in Series 2.

They will update the match entry RP costs, increase the amount of points in the whole system (to improve their flexibility with rewards), and implement a new kill & assist score.

At the start of Series 2, there will be also a soft reset, which will reduce our tier by 1.5 positions.

That means if you ended Series 1 in Gold II, you’ll be reset to Silver IV. Players in Platinum IV will be reset to Silver II, and Apex Predators will be reset to Platinum II.”

— Respawn

Apex Predator and matchmaking

Several players complained about the unfairness of the matchmaking as Apex Predators are usually matched with Diamond and sometimes even Platinum ranked players.

Respawn answered that they are investigating and adjusting wait times at higher skills levels, but unfortunately it won’t solve this issue. They are doing their best to balance game quality and wait times, but the situation is rather difficult in many regions depending on the time of the day and the player population.

Predators will currently only play Predators when possible, but considering the percentage of players at this rank, this is very very rarely achievable.

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