Overwatch most played heroes by competitive tier - season 9

Overwatch most played heroes by competitive tier - season 9

Overwatch game Director Jeff Kaplan revealed the top 10 most played heroes for each skill tier at the launch of season 9. Find out where your hero is ranked!

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Master GrandMaster
1 D.Va D.Va D.Va Moira Moira D.Va D.Va
2 Mercy Moira Moira D.Va D.Va Moira Tracer
3 Junkrat Mercy Mercy Mercy Genji Mercy Zenyatta
4 Moira Junkrat Reinhardt Genji Mercy Genji Moira
5 Reinhardt Reinhardt Soldier: 76 Reinhardt Roadhog Zenyatta Genji
6 Soldier: 76 Soldier: 76 Junkrat Roadhog Zenyatta Roadhog Roadhog
7 Lucio Lucio Genji Ana Ana Tracer Lucio
8 Genji Genji Roadhog Zenyatta McCree McCree Mercy
9 Roadhog Roadhog Lucio McCree Tracer Ana Winston
10 Ana Ana Ana Soldier: 76 Reinhardt Winston McCree
  • Junkrat is popular only at low ranks. Up to Gold, you may consider maining Zarya as you can charge your energy quickly with his grenades. Usually, Junkrat players just keep spamming at chokes, so you can exploit them with a well-timed barrier on yourself or a teammate.

The hero is still viable at higher tiers, but less effective because the players start understanding how positioning works, and will avoid the dangerous areas afflicted by his constant AoE damage.

  • D.Va is the best off-tank in the game. Het kit provides mobility, huge burst damage, and great tankiness - she can adapt to multiple lineups and is able to counter several heroes. No one in the team will ever complain for this pick!

D.Va is also very annoying to deal with as can just fly over your defenses and upset the back-line. To learn more about her strengths and weaknesses, check out this extensive guide on D.Va!

  • Winston rises in the top tiers. In my opinion, he works great when played together with D.Va. Their combined mobility, tankiness, and damage can completely overwhelm the enemy defenses, which will be forced to leave their standard positions to counter your duo. No support can survive when engaged by these two heroes at the same time, particularly those with no mobility skills.

He is played less at lower ranks because requires coordination in the team, a skilled player that knows when to engage and the targets to focus, and finally proper healers who understand that dive tanks are the first priority.

  • Zenyatta can heal Winston from long range with Orb of Harmony, and maybe this perk influences also his pick rate, which is higher in the top ranks. The hero requires a good aim, and Orb of Discord is more effective when the team is communicating as Zenyatta can show them the targets to focus in each moment of the battle.

Image courtesy of jeffreysgraphs

Image courtesy of jeffreysgraphs

  • Tracer has an extremely high skill floor. The low pick rate below Diamond demonstrates that not everyone is able to play her properly, but in the right hands she can be a real monster and very difficult to kill due to her skills. The latter can be said also about Genji.

  • Instead, Lucio has a good pick rate at low ranks, but then leaves the chart until GrandMaster. Anyone can play Lucio decently, thanks to his passive heal and bonus movement speed, but a lot of experience and knowledge are required to "make plays”.

  • When Soldier disappears, McCree gets his place. Soldier is easier to play than McCree: he requires less aim, has a healing skill, and more mobility.

    To master McCree one requires more practice and must rely on the team for heals. His headshots are amazing, and Flashbang is a great tool to stop channeled ultimates (Roadhog and Moira’s) and protect the supports from flankers, such as Tracer or Genji.

Please note that at higher ranks Tracer players will just bait Flashbang, so McCree can only be considered a soft-counter as he becomes very weak against her once his skill is on cooldown.

  • Reinhardt falls down after Platinum. I believe there are two simple explanations: Orisa is a preferable shield-tank on some maps (thus stealing some pick rate from him) and the meta at higher ranks is more oriented on dive heroes.

    Reinhardt's shield isn’t that strong if an organized team shoots at it simultaneously, and it is irrelevant when facing a composition that can ignore the front-line and just jump on supports and dps heroes in the back-line.

Image from Blizzard's short "Honor and Glory"

Image from Blizzard's short "Honor and Glory"

  • Roadhog is never a bad choice. No matter the rank and the reworks he received over time, Roadhog remains a solid pick. He can self-heal, mitigate the incoming damage, and contribute to the team’s dps with his shotgun. Chain Hook makes him a very valuable hero because he can pick-off targets while remaining in the safe zone controlled by his team.

  • Mercy can’t die. Even after all the reworks and the latest huge nerf, the hero remains a consistent pick in all skill tiers. Now, she is slightly harder to play and requires more teamwork to survive and do her job, but by no means she can be regarded as a bad pick.

  • Moira is one of the best supports in the game. Moira is a combination of great healing, fair damage, and strong escape. She works at all ranks and can be abused by any player. I only have one hope and request to all her users: I know that your dps is great, but please stop focusing on it and remember that primarily you are a support!

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Header image: Blizzard

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