Best Torbjorn turret placement spots on Horizon Lunar Colony

Best Torbjorn turret placement spots on Horizon Lunar Colony

The best and safest turret spots on Horizon Lunar Colony that work even at high ranks. Play Torbjörn only where he is useful to the team and contributes to the victory.

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Not all maps work. Torbjörn is a truly particular hero that doesn’t work well in all maps, so I will only talk about those where he can be an effective pick.

Defense only. I am aware that in some maps he may work also when played on attack, but honestly I would recommend everyone to pick Torbjörn only when on defense.

You do not need a dedicated shield. When playing Torbjörn, you should be able to contribute without the necessity of a shield-based hero such as Orisa or Reinhardt protecting your turret. Do not complain in the team chat if your turret is destroyed.

Safe placements. The main goal of your turret is to survive and provide cover fire to protect a certain area of the map. Do not place it in an open field from where literally anyone in the enemy team could detect and destroy it.

I will illustrate the best locations for your turret considering the points above.

Beside these spots, there are other viable ones depending on your rank. At lower skill ratings people will often ignore your turret, but I want you to learn only the placements that will work even against experienced players. I did include also some risky spots, and explained in detail when you may consider them.

Horizon Lunar Colony

First Point

According to most guides, you need Orisa or Reinhardt in the team babysitting the turret on the point. Torbjorn should blend with the team and provide utility, not require a pocket shield just to become a viable pick!

Torbjorn turret Horizon Lunar Colony high ground point one

This turret can be easily destroyed from the high ground, but it is amazing versus tank-based lineups that just rush towards the point via the low ground. In such a scenario, your turret will stay safe and damage all attackers on the point. Spot suggested by WeeziMonkey.

There are no other optimal placements on the high ground because the opponents can easily seize control of that area, while your team will usually defend from the point.

Torbjorn Turret Horizon Lunar Colony standard spot on first point

In almost all games, Torbjorn players use this spot. It covers the entire point, so it works well to inflict damage while the teams are clashing on it. While your team is alive, the turret should survive.

This placement is horrible if you are battling against Pharah or Widowmaker as they can destroy the turret comfortably from outside, far away from the attack range of your turret and the area controlled by your team.

Flankers can also attack you from the right side, but technically you should be able to deal with them as your team is very close.

Torbjorn turret spot Horizon Lunar Colony first point Overwatch

I love the turret here because no one expects it. It is excellent to defend your team from flankers and has also a partial view on the point. In many games, it successfully blocked multiple attacks from this side of the map.

Torbjorn Turret Horizon Lunar Colony last hope spot first point

A last-hope location you will use only when your turret has been destroyed, the team is struggling on the point, and there is no time left for a better placement. It does its work for a battle, and can be troublesome with Molten Core.

Second Point

Once again, avoid the high ground. The area is completely open, so it is exceptionally weak against long-range attacks. The enemy team will deal with the turret before approaching the point.

I noticed many players placing the turret directly outside the left exit from the defenders spawn. The turret there covers the entire point, and of course your hero is rather safe because you can just escape in the spawn and heal quickly, but any sniper, Pharah, or Junkrat can damage the turret easily. Do not do it.

You can put the turret at the right or the left side of this car.

I love these spots and end up using them the most. Only experienced players know them while the others will blindly rush on the point and receive punishment from behind.

Both locations have a decent view on the point, but the left one is safer and also protects your healers - feel free to alternate them. They are amazing if you have Molten Core ready.

Torbjorn turret spot Horizon Lunar Colony second point Overwatch

The turret covers practically the entire point and is sheltered from long-range attacks. The entire team is in front of you, so the enemies can’t just rush here to deal with the turret. It protects the back-line so the supports will be grateful.

If the enemies take the control of the high ground, and no one deals with them, flankers are an issue as they can strike you from the staircase.

Torbjorn turret spot Horizon Lunar Colony second point Overwatch

At the opposite side of the previous spot, there is a large space where you can place the turret. Putting it more to the left provides a wider vision on the point and the main entrance, but the turret is vulnerable to long-range attacks.

If placed next to the wall on the right, the attacking team must invade the point before being able to break the turret.

Torbjorn turret spot Horizon Lunar Colony second point Overwatch

A secondary placement you can use to protect the point if the adversaries attack from the other side. Situationally, it works and blocks an entire assault, but do not forget to move the turret quickly afterwards as now they know your location and can flank you easily.


Header image: Blizzard

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