Best Torbjorn turret placement spots on King’s Row

Best Torbjorn turret placement spots on King’s Row

The best and safest turret spots on King’s Row that work even at high ranks. Play Torbjörn only where he is useful to the team and contributes to the victory.

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Not all maps work. Torbjörn is a truly particular hero that doesn’t work well in all maps, so I will only talk about those where he can be an effective pick.

Defense only. I am aware that in some maps he may work also when played on attack, but honestly I would recommend everyone to pick Torbjörn only when on defense.

You do not need a dedicated shield. When playing Torbjörn, you should be able to contribute without the necessity of a shield-based hero such as Orisa or Reinhardt protecting your turret. Do not complain in the team chat if your turret is destroyed.

Safe placements. The main goal of your turret is to survive and provide cover fire to protect a certain area of the map. Do not place it in an open field from where literally anyone in the enemy team could detect and destroy it.

I will illustrate the best locations for your turret considering the points above.

Beside these spots, there are other viable ones depending on your rank. At lower skill ratings people will often ignore your turret, but I want you to learn only the placements that will work even against experienced players. I did include also some risky spots, and explained in detail when you may consider them.

King’s Row

First Point

Do not place the turret on the high ground areas behind the statue: it will shoot the foes at the choke, but can be destroyed safely from the enemy base.

This placement only works at lower ranks. To reach this position just jump on the road sign below the statue, then on the pedestal to the right, and finally get on the platform.

The turret has vision outside the choke and is partially sheltered by the statue, but eventually the enemies will find and focus it. To take advantage of this spot, you must remain hidden behind the statue and keep repairing the turret.

Once it is wiped out, just switch position as rebuilding and upgrading a new turret is almost impossible. Beware of flankers from the high ground on your left.

Torbjorn turret spot King’s Row first point Overwatch

If your team is defending in an advanced position - next to the choke - a turret here provides extra damage against any enemy attempting to get in. It has a very limited vision, and the attackers will try to destroy it as soon as possible, but luckily you have a wall for cover while repairing it.

The turret is safe against Pharah and you also have a small health pack at your disposal. Do not put it too much to the left or it can be shoot at from the high ground on the right.

Torbjorn turret spot King’s Row first point Overwatch

The turret has a narrow field of view, but is useful to protect your back-line from flankers. Beware of them yourself as they can reach you via the building on the left.

Use the wall on the left to cover the turret, otherwise it will be destroyed by long-range attackers from the choke.

Torbjorn turret spot King’s Row first point Overwatch

Flankers can’t reach you here, and if they try to, they will waste a lot of time. This turret has a better view than the previous one, but won’t last for long once the enemies spot it. It's used to distract the opponents and provide support fire while your team is battling on the point.

Torbjorn turret spot King’s Row first point Overwatch

A safe placement because far away from the battle. It serves to counter flankers and damage enemies on the point. Very weak against long-range attackers: if the adversaries have Widowmaker, she will wreck the turret from the high ground at the opposite side of the plaza.

Second Point

The street phase is horrible for Torbjorn. There are no good locations to exploit, just poor ones than can be flanked easily or require a tank shielding your turret all the time. I recommend to change hero and swap back to him on the third point.

Third Point

In this area there are no amazing spots for Torbjorn, still he can be useful and contribute to the defense.

Torbjorn turret spot King’s Row third point Overwatch

Imagine the battle: your teammates are holding the road while the enemies are pushing the payload. This turret can shoot directly at them and is great against flankers. It can be destroyed by long range attackers, but will survive as long as your team is alive and fighting in the area.

Usually, I place the turret on the platforms at the left and right side of the point. All players expect them, but these are also the safer places in the entire area. They both have a complete vision on the point and are mostly useful to protect your healers as the attackers will often try to flank them.

Both placements can be flanked, and destroyed easily via a direct attack from the payload if your team has been overwhelmed. On the left side, do not expose your turret to the window at the top as enemies could destroy it from there. A good Molten Core may block the final push.


Header image: Blizzard

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