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Hero Tier Lists

The Competitive Hero Tier Lists distribute the heroes in groups based on their pick rate in pro games.

Usually, we use the data from the Overwatch League, but during the off-season we rely on other sources, such as the OW World Cup.

Torbjorn turret spots

Hundreds of images spotlighting the best turret spots for Torbjorn by map.

We explained every position and considered only the safest placements on the defense side.

Hero guides

Rank distribution

Widowmaker sniping spots

About 100 images per article revealing the best sniping spots for Widowmaker by map.

We explained every position and analyzed both the attack and the defense side.

Meta Reports

The most popular heroes by rank and Tier Lists based on their usage rate - it includes only data from PC.

We explained the current meta and how the game play is evolving.

Symmetra placements

After the rework, Symmetra lost the Shield Generator, but these placements are still useful to improve your knowledge of each map.

Map Callouts

Creating Space



All the skins, emotes, and highlight intros released during each event.


Patch Notes

We have aggregated all the official and PTR patch notes in an easy-to-read format both for PC and mobile.



All the skins available in the game. The articles display heroes, weapons, and items from several angles.

Voice Lines

All the voice lines available in the hero gallery.

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