Skulz's Overwatch Competitive Hero Tier List June 2018

Skulz's Overwatch Competitive Hero Tier List June 2018

The Overwatch Competitive Hero Tier List for June 2018 is ready. All the heroes are split in groups based on their popularity in pro games.

All heroes are arranged in six tiers based on their time played in pro games. The usage rate in each map is helpful to understand in which battlefield a hero shines the most.

The requisites for each tier never change. The goal is offering a neutral comparison that shows how the meta evolves over time.

The win rate has no effect on the tiers. The tiers depend only on the hero usage time, and aren't affected either by the win rate of a hero or by their performance in pub matches.

No personal opinions. Every month, we will see which heroes raised or declined in rank solely through the statistics.

Only stats from the Overwatch League. Overwatch Contenders and any other tournament are not considered.

Maps played during Stage 4

Assault: Hanamura - Horizon Lunar Colony.

Escort: Dorado - Watchpoint: Gibraltar.

Hybrid: King's Row - Blizzard World.

Control: Lijiang Tower - Oasis - Nepal.

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Tier S


Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Tier 5

The tiers are viewed as clusters of data, and each hero is placed in the one they are closer the most.

Tier S: None.

Tier 1: Zenyatta 88% - Mercy 87% - D.Va 86% - Widowmaker 71%.

Tier 2: Winston 57%.

Tier 3: Brigitte 32% - Reinhardt 24% - Junkrat 22% - Tracer 20%. 

Tier 4: Pharah 17% - Zarya 17% - Orisa 16% - Lucio 10% - Genji 10% - Hanzo 9% - Moira 8%.

Tier 5: McCree 5% - Roadhog 4% - Sombra 2% - Ana 1% - Doomfist 1% - Mei 0.6% - Bastion 0.3% - Soldier: 76 0.3% - Reaper 0.2% - Torbjorn 0.09% - Symmetra 0.01%.

Past Tier List: May 2018

Class comparison charts

  • The usage rate of all heroes of the same class on each map.

  • Only the top six heroes in each class are displayed.

Attack and Defense usage rate

  • The usage rate of all heroes (up to tier 3) in attack and defense on each map.

  • The characters are ordered according to this month's tier list.

Hero popularity by map

Assault Maps

Escort Maps

Hybrid Maps

Control Maps

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Next Tier List: July 2018.


Header image: Blizzard - Statistics: Winston’s Lab

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