Best Symmetra Shield Generator spots on control maps

Best Symmetra Shield Generator spots on control maps

The best and safest Shield Generator spots on control maps: Oasis, Nepal, Lijiang Tower, and Ilios. Learn the best locations for Symmetra!

After all the requests, I updated this series of guides also with the control maps. Note that for most of them there is merely one viable spot on each point. Only Oasis offers more viable options.

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Focus on defense. I know that Symmetra can be played also in attack, but in these guides I will show only placements for the defender team. Note that some of them might work even for the attackers.

Safe placements. The Shield Generator has an unlimited duration and will keep working until destroyed. The enemy team will try to find and break it as soon as possible, so it is essential to place it in a hidden and “secret” location.

The best spots. I will show you some of the best placements in each map that work even at high SR, and alert when you should avoid an overused or risky one. Beside these locations, there are other viable options depending on your skill rating, but I skipped the obvious ones.

Position and range. The main spots have also pictures showing the max range of each Shield Generator.

No turret climbing or Mei required. For this series, I decided to not feature spots that can be reached only via Mei’s Ice Wall or turret climbing.

Shield Generator or Teleporter. I will not argue about the perfect choice on each map and point, but just explain the best spots for the former. Of course, some of these locations can be used also for the latter.

Please note. I used Sentry Turrets to mark most of the secondary or wrong Shield Generator placements. Unfortunately, it is necessary to restart the lobby to place a new one.

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Oasis - City Center

This spot covers over a half of the point and is the safest one on the entire map. No one will ever come this far looking for the Shield Generator, but the big health pack could rarely lure some flankers.

The classic and most used location. It offers a larger coverage, but the opponents might know about this placement. It will still work flawlessly at most ranks.

Another plausible spot. It is hidden and has a good range, but the opponents passing nearby can hear the sound of the Shield Generator from the wall.

I also tried placing the generator in this area, near a corner. Occasionally it worked, others it was horrible. I do not recommend it

Oasis - Gardens

It covers about a half of the point and is quite reliable as no one generally uses this area of the map.

Less secure, but with a wider coverage. Honestly, I had no issues in most games, so I advise to try this spot because it encompasses the entire point. The enemies can’t see this placement from the big health pack.

Optionally, you can also place the Shield Generator nearby (images 4 and 5), but it makes no sense as you risk more for no coverage gain.

Oasis - University

The classic and most used spot on this point. It has an excellent range, but I do not suggest it at high ranks because it is often discovered. I believe most people know about it, or just hear the noise from the other side of the wall.

The first one is my main spot - It has an amazing range! If the opponents do not go often underground, they won’t find it.

Alternatively, the second location can also serve well, but it depends on the behaviour of the adversaries.

If you want to be super safe at the cost of range, this is your choice. The Shield Generator is really far away from the battlefield, but still comprises about a half of the point.

Nepal - Shrine

This classic location is your best bet. I tried several places, but the range isn’t sufficient. The generator should be protected unless you are facing experienced players.

Nepal - Village

The most used placement (and even nearby a big health pack) but sincerely the generator is able to survive in the majority of my games. Huge range.

Alternatively, you can use this spot sacrificing some cover. It isn’t always safer, but its survivability depends on the actions of the enemy team.

Nepal - Sanctum

My main location. Stay assured that no one will ever find it (unless your opponent has read this guide too :D). Large range that reaches the stairs at the other side of the point.

An alternative used by more players, but still very safe and with a solid range.

I believe that in this point your Shield Generator will always survive whichever spot you prefer.

Lijiang Tower - Control Center

Both these placements are exceptionally safe, but the range isn’t adequate as it barely affects the point. Honestly, there aren’t better ones if you want to plant-and-forget your Shield Generator.

Usually, I put it on the balcony behind a corner, guarded by some sentries to spot intruders.

Lijiang Tower - Garden

A rather safe placement and with an optimal range, but unfortunately it is also the only good spot on this map. Enemies can easily get here, so if they know this location, they will quickly reach and destroy your generator.

Lijiang Tower - Night Market

You can place the Shield Generator only in this building, on the left or right side.

Enemies may hear the noise of the former from the outside (image 3) so place it slightly behind to avoid that.

Usually, they both work, unless there is a Widowmaker on the high ground as eventually the opponents will attack her and discover your placement.

Ilios - Lighthouse

Generally, this placement survives for the entire game - the range is perfect. The big health pack in the room next to it is a nuisance because any enemy getting there will hear the sound of the generator.

An alternative position that may work depending on the enemy’s behaviour. I decided to show it, but sincerely the range is barely enough to cover one-third of the point.

Ilios - Ruins

This isn’t a secret position anymore, but it still works effectively. In my games, no one ever found the Shield Generator up here.

If you have issues jumping there, place the generator in a corner on the adjacent platform (image 5). If the opponents have no high-mobility heroes such as Genji, they won’t find it.

Ilios - Well

Well isn’t a great map for the Shield Generator. This placement is the most common, and is rather easy to discover if the opponents are aggressive. Alternatively you can try your luck on the nearby high ground (image 3), but in my opinion there are no safe spots

You can also put the generator in the area immediately outside your base. It is safe as very far away from the battle, but the coverage isn’t great.

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