All Overwatch Map Callouts

In this article, you can find the most popular callouts for every Overwatch map.

Blizzard has not released official map callouts, but there are some universal ones created by figures of the community:

  • The callouts for Capture, Payload, and Hybrid maps have been designed by Dan "spOh" Street, a former pro player who is now working as a full-time streamer.

  • Emanuel "Peak" Uzoni, a strategic Overwatch coach, realized the callouts for the Control maps.

  • Horizon Lunar Colory callouts by SeetonTV.

  • Eichenwalde callouts by Stopa42.

  • Junkertown callouts by Leya.

All credit for the pictures shared in this article goes to them.

The map callouts are thought for a more competitive gameplay, and will greatly enhance your matches when playing with a stack of friends. Some callouts can be useful even in solo-queue as many of them utilize standardized names.

Overall, I suggest to not strictly memorize all of them, but to learn the main areas of each map and then adapt the callouts to your own gameplay. You will hardly find players that know all callouts in pub games, but they can still give you an edge when that happens.

Note: I couldn’t find the callouts for Blizzard World, but will update this page when they will be available.

Beware from mobile. The images have been compressed as much as possible, but there are still several MB worth of pictures in this page.

Capture Maps


Temple of Anubis

Volskaya Industries

Horizon Lunar Colony

Payload maps


Route 66

Watchpoint: Gibraltar


Hybrid maps



King's Row


Control Maps





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