Dust II fixes - Update 10/20/2017

Dust II fixes - Update 10/20/2017

Dust II was officially released just two days ago, but Valve is already implementing more changes according to the community feedback.


Dust II

  • Fixed sun not showing.

  • Smoothed out terrain by CT spawn to allow smoking off from X-Box.

  • Removed taxi sign from certain car models.

  • Cleaned up alpha painting on Tunnels building for player reads.

  • Added window shutter above Catwalk.

  • Fixed glowing CT player models on low end settings.

  • Adjusted fog values.

  • Cleaned up player reads from CT Mid up toward Suicide.

  • Improved collision of cover props at B Bombsite.

  • Fixed bad surface property sounds on cover props at B.

  • Some clipping refinements.

  • Fixed a few wall-bang bugs on buildings.

  • Grenade clips added to CT spawn.

  • Fixed small walls at Outside Tunnels not being reliably jump-able.

  • Adjusted a number of models that were not lined up properly.

  • Fixed interpenetrating barrels at Mid.

  • Fixed some crates at A there were hanging players up.

  • Smoothed out wall behind Car at A.

  • Fixed displacement that had too high an angle at CT Ramp.

Size: 70 MB

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You can contribute to the bug fixes contacting the support here, and selecting the “CS:GO Team” department.


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