Dust 2 changes - Pre-release update 10/16/17

Dust 2 changes - Pre-release update 10/16/17

Valve applied more fixes and changes to Dust II. The co-creator of Counter-Strike, Jess Cliffe, shared the changelog on Reddit.


  • Fixed pixelwalk at Closet/Car on B site

  • Fixed pixelwalk at T spawn by Suicide

  • Adjusted sky color

  • Moved electrical pole at A site car to outside wall

  • Fixed wallbanging spot at A Plat

  • Fixed wallbanging spot at Outside Long

  • Fixed crate model with bad collision at CT spawn

  • Fixed being able to molotov people on Short A from CT Spawn

  • Adjusted skybox above Short A so it can be naded from Long Doors

  • Updated some Arabic signs

  • Replaced old crate model in Upper Tunnels

  • Removed models on Catwalk that players mistook for a head

  • Moved green paint line down on building at Cat Boost

  • Moved palm tree that was distracting players entering at Short A

  • Building roofs now have collision for nading

  • Adjusted color value on cars to improve player reads

  • Adjusted crates at Outside Long and moved overhang

  • Changed tarp surface types to match underlying surface materials.

  • Wallbanging tarp areas will now be consistent with underlying surfaces.

  • Added collision to bottom sills of rollup doors

  • Removed buggy collision on 256/256_short industrial awning

  • Fixed small gap in 56x90_01 window that allowed player to see OOW

  • New tunnels doorway arch model duplicate with very accurate inner opening collision

  • Moved car a bit at Outside Long

  • Fixed angled wood brace that was hanging up players at Window

  • Fixed lighting bug on Window model at B site

  • Moved door inward and removed shadowed space at peach color building next to A site

  • Wallhugging slowdown fixed on Tunnels spiral stairs (thanks Rf)

  • Fixed wallbanging bugs on cover props in bombsite B

  • Moved column in Tunnels slightly to ease player movement

  • Moved wooden scaffold upward in Closet at B Site due to head bump

  • Fixed concrete stairs that had a missing backface

  • Fixed mirrored stop sign at T Spawn

  • Changed cover color at Mid to help with player readability

  • Fixed bad clip on tower from CT Mid to CT Spawn

Please note official Valve-matchmaking is not available in Beta depots. Players will no longer be able to get infinitely stuck finding games when using the Beta depot.

More adjustments took place on October 12, check them here.

For all the info on the new Dust II and on how to try it, click here.

You can contribute to the bug fixes contacting the support here, and selecting the “CS:GO Team” department.


Header Image: Valve

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