Dust 2 first changes - Pre-release update 10/12/17

Dust 2 first changes - Pre-release update 10/12/17

Jess Cliffe, the co-creator of Counter-Strike, announced some adjustments on the new Dust 2 map. All the bugs reported in the past days have been fixed as soon as possible.


  • Clipped spiral stairs in Tunnels (thanks Rf)

  • Fixed window eating nades

  • Adjusted clips on cover props

  • Fixed some bomb stuck spots

  • Flour sack models slightly taller at A

  • Fixed a number of signs in French

  • Fixed building top at B that players could boost and see through

  • Fixed building in long where players could throw nades into and flash others

  • T model arms now match the player model

  • Re-added ability to get onto some crates in CT spawn

  • Moved building bumpout geo near Short A and CT Ramp that was hanging up players

  • Adjusted clip brushes around all wooden double doors to be more precise

  • Removed rubble on B bombsite that players could hide a planted bomb in

  • Refined clips around taxi cars

Note that not all the bugs that have been reported have been fixed yet but we wanted to ship this out asap to get feedback.

There’s also some new code for flashbangs where instead of tracing from the flashbang to the player, it will trace from the player to the flashbang to test if it should flash you. This should reduce the number of bugs where throwing a fb over a displacement wall that has no backface would blind players...

One other note: The spiral stairs clipping is a tradeoff. Get too close to the inner angle and the player slows down. We will monitor feedback on this from the community and decide whether a different solution is needed which would involve changing the stair dimensions to lessen the slope.
— Jess Cliffe

Valve is working hard to deliver a playable and optimal version of the reworked Dust 2, so we can expect multiple changes and bug fixes in the following weeks.

If you found more bugs while trying the beta, send an email to Valve selecting the “CS:GO Team” departement. All the help we can provide will contribute to a quicker release and a better gaming experience.

More info on the new Dust II and on how to try it here.


Header Image: Valve

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