New Dust II in Beta - Pre-release update 10/10/2017

New Dust II in Beta - Pre-release update 10/10/2017

Dust 2 was removed from active duty in February, and replaced by Inferno. Valve completed the rework, and now it is available for download in the beta branch.

According to Valve, this new release has the goal to honor the original gameplay of Dust II, while also improving and refining the map.

Improve player readability throughout the map

Refine movement around the world including cover

Upgrade the visuals to be in line with modern maps

A quick walk-through of Dust II



The following changes are in the “” CS:GO Beta depot.


  • Updated version of de_dust2 added.

  • Improved de_nuke bot navigation.


  • Unique jump landing sounds for all major surfaces.

  • Unique sounds for picking up weapons, grenades and ammo.

  • Unique bullet impact sounds for vehicles and barrels.

  • Re-balanced music kit volume to be more in-line with the overall game volume.

  • Improved resolution and quality of HRTF algorithm.

Dust 2 Screenshots


If you want to try the new Dust 2, right-click on CS:GO in your Steam library, go to Properties, Betas tab, then select "", and download it. The size is about 660 MB. Valve’s guide on how to opt in the CS:GO beta here.


Header Image: Valve

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