Cloud9 and BIG lead DreamHack Denver groups

Cloud9 and BIG lead DreamHack Denver groups

Cloud9 and BIG dominated their respective groups at DreamHack ASTRO Open Denver 2017. They qualified to the playoffs with a 2-0 score.

Cloud9 defeated Tempo Storm 16:4 on Inferno, and then crushed Renegades on Train 16 to 1. The MVP of both matches was undoubtedly Jake "Stewie2K" Yip, who got more than 20 kills and a rating of 2.18 and 2.32.

In the video below he executed four perfect kills while defending the B-bombsite on Train.


BIG won 16:5 on Cobblestone against NRG, and advanced to the next phase with a solid 16:10 victory versus mousesports on Train.

In the second game, BIG started as Counter-Terrorists, won the pistol round, and secured most of the successive ones. During the first half mouz were able to plant the bomb three times, but every time BIG promptly took care of it.

Mousesports also showed a better performance as CT, but it wasn’t enough for a comeback - BIG only needed 4 victories to close the match.

Kevin "keev" Bartholomäus sniped three opponents, securing the win streak of the team during the first half.


DreamHack ASTRO Open Denver will continue today to determine the remaining two semifinalists.

Day 2 matches (CEST time)

  • 18:00 - CLG vs. Tempo Storm

  • 21:00 - LDLC vs. NRG

  • 00:00 - Renegades vs. CLG/Tempo Storm

  • 03:00 - mousesports vs. LDLC/NRG

The groups and full schedule of the event are accessible here.


Header image by Adela Sznajde - DreamHack

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