Best Teamfight Tactics (TFT) 9.17 team compositions and synergy combos

Best Teamfight Tactics (TFT) 9.17 team compositions and synergy combos

The best team compositions and synergy combos in Teamfight Tactics (TFT). Learn the best units and builds to rank up in patch 9.17.

I have published over 50 TFT team builds so far, but over time I will produce more depending on the meta and the patch changes.

Today, we will talk about the new team comps that arise with patch 9.17. I will add more in the next days as soon as new strong builds will emerge.

In each build, the champions are sorted by gold cost, and the number prior each name is the gold cost of that particular unit.


Guardian Evelynn

Final team: Braum, Evelynn, Poppy, Leona, Sejuani, Brand.

  • Guardian: 2

  • Demon: 2 (+2)

  • Glacial: 2 (+2)

  • Knight: 2 (+2)

This team composition is based around Evelynn. She is protected by both Guardians and Knights, and will act as the main DPS of the lineup. Brand is also a strong Demon, and he is your secondary carry.

  • Start with two Knights such as Garen and Darius.

  • Get a random Demon (Varus is a great choice in the early game) and then Evelynn for the two Demon synergy.

  • Replace Darius with Poppy.

  • Braum and Leona are you next priorities as you need to acquire the Guardian trait to strengthen the team’s defenses.

  • Replace Garen with Sejuani to keep the Knight bonus with a stronger unit and to unlock the Glacial synergy.

  • Finally, replace the random Demon with Brand.

Poppy and Sejuani are both solid frontliners, but note that in the late game you can use Kayle in place of Poppy. Likewise, Braum could be replaced by Pantheon, but you will lose the glacial synergy.

I suggest building survivability items on Evelynn because you want to keep her alive for as long as possible in order to unleash her devastating burst damage. Dragon’s Claw and Guardian Angel are the best choices, and Hextech Gunblade will provide lots of health points after each skill use.

Later on, you can expand the team build in several ways:

  • Four Demon with Aatrox and Morgana.

  • Four Knight with Garen and Kayle. This path will also unlock three Noble with Garen, Leona, and Kayle. I believe this is one of the easiest options if you can find Kayle as you already have Garen and Poppy in your lineup.

  • Four Glacial with Anivia and a random Glacial unit or Frozen Mallet.

Demon Shapeshifter Guardian 

Final team: Shyvana, Evelynn, Morgana, Brand, Gnar, Leona, Swain, Pantheon.

  • Demon:4

  • Shapeshifter: 3

  • Dragon: 2

  • Guardian: 2

A very tanky version of the classic Demon Shapeshifter build that is empowered by the Guardian synergy.

  • Start with Camille and Jayce for the two Hextech trait. Add Varus; he is a solid damage dealer and a member of the Demon Origin.

  • In the early game, your goal is achieving the Shapeshifter bonus as soon as possible. Jayce is a Shapeshifter, and the remaining ones are Elise and Shyvana (you can use Nidalee while finding her). Elise also unlocks two Demon.

This is a late game team composition, so you will have to replace almost entirely your starting lineup. There is not a precise order, but it mostly depends on what you can find first.

  • Four Demon: add Morgana and Evelynn for four Demon. Over time, remove Varus and Elise, and replace them with Brand and Swain.

  • Three Shapeshifter: replace Elise and Jayce with Gnar and Swain.

  • Two Guardian: Braum and Leona will boost the defenses of the team with the Guardian trait. Later on, replace Braum with Pantheon; you will unlock also two Dragon.

The final build is extremely resilient and can survive against both magical and physical lineups. Playing it is slightly difficult because during each match you must understand the best next step for your composition based on the opponents and the units you are able to find.

This team build has several potential carries, but your main one is Shyvana.

Shapeshifter Dragon Guardian

Final team: Elise, Nidalee, Jayce, Shyvana, Leona, Gnar, Swain, Pantheon.

  • Shapeshifter: 6

  • Dragon: 2

  • Guardian: 2

  • Wild: 2

  • Demon: 2

This is a pure Shapeshifter build. It will unleash its real potential once you can find all the required units for six Shapeshifter.

  • Start with Elise, Nidalee, and Jayce for the three Shapeshifter bonus.

  • Ahri and Vi are solid choices while getting your core units as they will unlock two Wild and two Hextech.

  • Braum and Leona add tankiness to the team with the Guardian trait.

  • Add Shyvana, Gnar, and Swain as soon as you can find them to maximize the Shapeshifter synergy. Remove Ahri and Vi.

  • In the late game, replace Braum with Pantheon - he will also unlock the Dragon trait.

This team build has several potential carries, but your main one is Shyvana.

If you require more firepower, you can neglect the Guardian trait. Get Aurelion Sol as the second Dragon, and Draven in place of Leona.

Ninja Assassin

Final team: Kha'Zix, Zed, Pyke, Shen, Evelynn, Kennen, Rengar, Akali.

  • Ninja: 4

  • Assassin: 6

Nobles have been nerfed, so now Assassins have a greater potential. Kennen and Akali are your main carries, while in the early game you can rely on Zed.

  • Acquire three Assassins to unlock the first tier of their synergy: Kha'Zix, Pyke, and Zed are the best choices. The latter also provides the one Ninja bonus.

  • Afterwards, get two random Brawlers to strengthen the defenses of the lineup while finding the remaining core units.

  • Add the remaining champions to unlock six Assassin and four Ninja: Evelynn, Kennen, Akali, Rengar, and Shen. Replace the random Brawlers when there is no space left for them.

Note that you can complete this team composition with seven champions if you are able to build Youmuu’s Ghostblade on Kennen.

Brawler Void Assassin

Final team: Kha'Zix, Warwick, Rek'Sai , Pyke, Rengar, Vi, Cho'Gath.

  • Brawler: 4

  • Void: 3

  • Assassin: 3

  • Wild: 2

I have already shared a multitude of Brawler Void compositions, and most of them are quite strong. This one adds the Assassin’s burst damage to the team.

  • Start with Kassadin, Kha'Zix, and Rek'Sai for the Void synergy.

  • Add Warwick for the two Brawler bonus.

  • Add Rengar and Pyke for three Assassin and two Wild. Rengar is your main carry.

  • Vi is your third Brawler unit.

  • Replace Kassadin with Cho'Gath for a stronger Void unit and to achieve four Brawler.

Later on, you might consider unlocking the Hextech synergy with Jinx.

Ranger Guardian Phantom

Final team: Mordekaiser, Vayne, Varus, Ashe, Leona, Kindred, Sejuani, Pantheon.

  • Ranger: 4

  • Guardian: 2

  • Knight: 2

  • Glacial: 2

An updated version of the Ranger Guardian Phantom composition that makes use of Pantheon and maintains the Knight trait also in the late game.

  • Start with Mordekaiser and a random Knight for the two Knight bonus.

  • Add Vayne and Ashe (she is your carry) for the two Ranger trait. Use Varus while finding Ashe.

  • Braum is the next best choice because he will unlock the Glacial’s stun.

  • Add Leona for the Guardian synergy, and Varus + Kindred for four Ranger and the Phantom bonus.

  • In the late game, remove the random Knight, and replace it with Sejuani.

  • Finally, get rid of Braum and add Pantheon to the lineup.

Note: you can start the lineup also with the Noble synergy as explained in the original Ranger Guardian Phantom build.

Yordle Sorcerer Phantom

Final team: Mordekaiser, Poppy, Veigar, Gnar, Aurelion Sol, Leona, Karthus, Pantheon.

  • Yordle: 3

  • Sorcerer: 3

  • Guardian: 2

  • Dragon: 2

  • Phantom: 2

  • Knight: 2

Most of the Yordle lineups I provided so far maximize their main trait, instead this build uses only 3 Yordles and adds several synergies.

  • Start with Tristana, Lulu, and Poppy for 3 Yordle.

  • Replace Tristana with Veigar whenever you find him.

  • Add a random Sorcerer (such as Morgana) for three Sorcerer, and then replace it with Aurelion Sol.

  • Gnar completes your starting lineup, and he is your main carry. 

Afterwards, you must transition into the final team composition based on what can you find first.

  • Braum and Leona bring tankiness to the team with the Guardian trait. Later on, replace Braum with Pantheon, who also unlocks the Dragon trait.

  • Add Mordekaiser for the two Knight synergy.

  • Replace Lulu with Karthus. In the early game, Aurelion Sol works as a secondary DPS, but your main Sorcerer DPS is Karthus. He also brings the Phantom trait.

Void Sorcerer Guardian

Final team: Kassadin, Rek'Sai, Aurelion Sol, Cho'Gath, Leona, Kindred, Pantheon, Karthus.

  • Void: 3

  • Sorcerer: 3

  • Guardian: 2

  • Phantom: 2

  • Dragon: 2

  • Brawler: 2

Another Void-based lineup with several synergies and a late game build. Cho'Gath and Karthus are the main carries, Aurelion Sol is the secondary one.

  • Start with Kassadin, Kha'Zix, and Rek'Sai for the Void synergy.

  • Add Warwick for the two Brawler bonus, and Ahri for the Wild trait.

  • Add Aurelion Sol for three Sorcerer.

  • Replace Kha'Zix with Cho'Gath for a stronger Void unit.

This is your starting lineup. You will need high-cost units to complete this team composition.

  • Remove Warwick. Add Leona and Pantheon for the Guardian and Dragon synergies.

  • Remove Ahri. Place Kindred and Karthus to keep the Sorcerer bonus and to unlock the Phantom one.


More TFT Compositions

The link below will bring you to the over 50 team compositions I have created so far. All of them are viable and work in any meta depending on your goals.

Vincenzo is an esports writer with five years of experience. Former head editor for Natus Vincere, he has produced content for DreamHack, FACEIT, DOTAFire, 2P, and more. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.