Best Teamfight Tactics (TFT) 9.15 team compositions and synergy combos

Best Teamfight Tactics (TFT) 9.15 team compositions and synergy combos

The best team compositions and synergy combos in Teamfight Tactics (TFT). Learn the best units and builds to rank up in patch 9.15.

Previously, I have published a compendium containing 15 among the best lineups in TFT, but over time I will produce also more build guides, depending on the meta and the patch changes.

Today, we will talk about the new team comps that arise with patch 9.15.

In each build, the champions are sorted by gold cost, and the number prior each name is the gold cost of that particular unit.


Ranger Guardian Phantom

Final team: Mordekaiser, Vayne, Braum, Varus, Ashe, Leona, Kindred.

  • Ranger: 4

  • Guardian: 2

  • Phantom: 2

  • Glacial: 2

In my opinion, team compositions based on Rangers and Guardians will dominate the meta in 9.15. This is a basic Ranger build, while below I have provided more variants.

Ashe is your main carry, and on-hit effect items are the best choices on her. Vayne is a solid carry option as well, but Ashe benefits from both the Ranger and Glacial traits.

  • Start with Mordekaiser and a random Knight for the two Knight bonus.

  • Add Vayne and Ashe for the two Ranger trait. Use Varus while finding Ashe.

  • Braum is the next best choice because will unlock the Glacial’s stun.

  • In the late game, remove the random Knight, add Leona for the Guardian synergy (which will maximize your defense), and Kindred + Valrus for both two Phantom and four Ranger.

There is also another less-direct way to start this team build, which exploits the Noble synergy in the early game.

  • Start with Vayne, Garen, and a random Noble for the three Noble synergy.

  • Add Mordekaiser for the Knight bonus, and Varus for the Ranger one.

  • Once you find both Braum and Leona, remove Garen and the random Noble to acquire the Guardian synergy.

  • Replace Varus with Ashe. Add Kindred, and finally bring back Varus to complete the composition.

Glacial Ranger Elementalist

Final team: Varus, Lissandra, Braum, Ashe, Kennen, Brand, Sejuani.

  • Glacial: 4

  • Elementalist: 3

  • Ranger: 2

  • Demon: 2

  • Ninja: 1

If you are not a fan of Guardians, you can exploit the Elementalist’s Golem as your main tank.

There is not a best way to start the game with this composition. I suggest relying on Knights and/or Nobles, and then swap them as soon as you find your main units.

  • Varus, Ashe, and Lissandra are your priorities for two Ranger and two Glacial.

  • Afterwards, you must unlock the Golem, so you want Kennen and Brand. The latter also brings the two Demon synergy.

  • Complete your frontline and gain four Glacial with Braum and Sejuani.

Demon Ranger Elementalist

Final team: Varus, Lissandra, Ashe, Kennen, Aatrox, Morgana, Brand.

  • Demon: 4

  • Elementalist: 3

  • Ranger: 2

  • Glacial: 2

  • Ninja: 1

This build is very similar to the previous one, but we will prioritize Demons over Glacials. 

Demons have been nerfed so they are not as strong as in 9.14, but they might give you an edge in battle as I expect an increased number of Sorcerer teams.

Again, Nobles and/or Knights are the best way to start the match thanks to their effectiveness in the early game.

  • Varus, Ashe, and Lissandra are your priorities early on for two Ranger and two Glacial. In this team composition, your main carry isn’t Ashe but Varus.

  • Afterwards, you must unlock the Golem, so you want Kennen and Brand. The latter also brings the two Demon synergy.

  • Add Aatrox and Morgana for four Demon.

Glacial Ranger Guardian

Final team: Mordekaiser, Braum, Lissandra, Ashe, Kindred, Leona, Sejuani.

  • Glacial: 4

  • Ranger: 2

  • Guardian: 2

  • Knight: 2

  • Phantom: 2

Another variant of the Ranger Glacial build. I prefer this one the most because it is one of the tankiest versions.

  • Start with Mordekaiser and a random Knight for the Knight bonus.

  • Add Braum and Ashe for two Glacial.

  • Kindred and Leona are your next priorities. The former will bring both the Phantom and the Ranger synergies, the latter unlocks the Guardian trait. 

  • Remove the random Knight, and add Sejuani to keep the Knight bonus with a stronger champion.

  • Finally, add Lissandra on the battlefield if you didn’t place her yet. You will now have the four Glacial bonus.

Sorcerer Guardian

Final team: Lulu, Ahri, Braum, Morgana, Veigar, Leona, Aurelion Sol, Karthus.

  • Sorcerer: 6

  • Guardian: 2

Sorcerers might rise back in the top 3 for a combination of several indirect buffs:

  • Dragons are not completely immune to magic anymore.

  • The buffs to the Guardian and Knight synergies counter physical auto-attackers.

  • In 9.14, Sorcerers had a very hard time accumulating mana against Demons, but now the latter have been nerfed, so they won’t infest our games as much as before.

Note: all the previous Sorcerer builds are still viable, but today I will add a few new ones.

  • Start with Kassadin, Ahri, and Lulu for the three Sorcerer bonus.

  • Add Veigar and Poppy to unlock three Yordle.

  • Morgana and Aatrox will complete your starting build with the Demon synergy.

Note that this is just a temporary composition to maximize your effectiveness in the mid game. The build requires reaching the late game in order to shows its real potential. Depending on your luck with the units, you might skip Aatrox completely.

  • As soon as you have Braum and Leona, add them and remove Aatrox and Poppy. You will lose the first tier of the Yordle synergy, but the stronger Guardian trait will replace it.

  • Add Aurelion Sol for the six Sorcerer bonus.

  • In the late game, remove Kassadin (or Morgana) and replace him with Karthus.

Aurelion Sol and Karthus are your main carries. Rabadon’s Deathcap is an amazing item on both of them.

As the final unit, you might consider a Glacial or Phantom one to unlock their synergies: Sejuani is never a bad choice.

Yordle Sorcerer

Final team: Tristana, Lulu, Ahri, Poppy, Kennen, Veigar, Gnar.

  • Yordle: 6

  • Sorcerer: 3

  • Wild: 2

  • Ninja: 1

Yordles can now dodge also on-hit effects, so they are useful against a larger number of comps.

Builds based on Yordles are rather standardized because you are always forced to use all six of them to maximize their evasion chance.

I suggest the 6 Yordle 3 Sorcerer build I have already explained on the main team composition guide. 

Morgana has been nerfed in this patch, so we will replace her with another Sorcerer: Ahri is an optimal choice as she also unlocks two Wild with Gnar. Also, Gnar is your new carry.

Note: the Yordle Gunslinger build is still solid.

Sorcerer Shapeshifter

Final team: Lulu, Ahri, Veigar, Shyvana, Gnar, Aurelion Sol, Swain, Karthus.

  • Sorcerer: 5+1

  • Shapeshifter: 3

  • Yordle: 3

  • Dragon: 2

  • Wild: 2

Similarly to the Sorcerer Guardian build, this is just a temporary composition for your early/mid game:

  • Start with Tristana, Lulu, and Lucian to achieve the Gunslinger synergy.

  • Veigar brings three Yordle, and Ahri three Sorcerer.

Honestly, progressing this composition isn’t easy because you need to level up aggressively and have luck with the picks.

In the late game, remove Tristana and Lucian, and add the following champions:

  • Shyvana, Gnar, and Swain are mandatory to unlock the three Shapeshifter bonus (the second tier of this class is still not attainable). Thanks to Gnar you will keep the extra survivability provided by three Yordle and even unlock the two Wild bonus.

  • Aurelion Sol is a potential carry (there are many strong champions in this lineup) and brings also the Dragon bonus. Karthus is literally overpowered in this patch.

As you might have noticed, the build ends with five Sorcerer champions. You require the 9th slot to maximize it, or Yuumi (Spatula + Needlessly Large Rod), an item that grants the Sorcerer trait to the wearer. Yep, this is a very late game build.

Void Sorcerer

Final team: Kassadin, Rek'Sai, Lulu, Ahri, Veigar, Cho'Gath , Aurelion Sol, Karthus.

  • Sorcerer: 6

  • Void: 3

  • Brawler: 2

A note on the new Void synergy: the true damage applies also to the champions’ abilities!

  • Start with Kassadin, Kha'Zix, and Rek'Sai for the Void synergy.

  • Add Ahri and Lulu to unlock three Sorcerer.

  • Replace Kha'Zix with Cho'Gath for a stronger Void unit and to acquire the two Brawler synergy.

  • In the late game, you want Veigar, Aurelion Sol, and Karthus to maximize the Sorcerer trait.

Build Rapid Firecannon and Rabadon’s Deathcap on Aurelion Sol.

Shyvana is a potential 9th pick to buff Aurelion Sol with the Dragon’s magic resistance.

Brawler Void Guardian

Final team: Kha'Zix, Rek'Sai, Blitzcrank, Braum, Volibear, Cho'Gath, Leona.

  • Brawler: 4

  • Void: 3

  • Guardian: 2

  • Glacial: 2

In 9.14, I have shared the respectable Void Glacial build, and today I propose you a Guardian variant that fits the current meta.

  • As usual, start with Kassadin, Kha'Zix, and Rek'Sai for the Void synergy.

  • Add Volibear and Blitzcrank for two Brawler.

  • Replace Kassadin with Cho'Gath for a stronger Void unit and to maximize the Brawler trait.

  • Add Braum and Leona for the Guardian and two Glacial bonuses.

Cho'Gath is a real monster with the new true damage synergy, and Volibear is still a superb carry even after the 9.15 adjustments.

The Shyvana composition

Final team: Nidalee, Braum, Shyvana, Gnar, Leona, Aurelion Sol.

  • Shapeshifter: 3

  • Dragon: 2

  • Guardian: 2

  • Wild: 2

I define this lineup as the Shivana composition because it is build around her.

The Guardian buff provides armor, Shapeshifter grants extra health points, and Dragon gives magic resistance. Build Thornmail and Warmog’s Armor on Shyvana, and she will become pretty much immortal.

  • I suggest starting the game with Nidalee and Warwick to unlock the Wild synergy.

  • Include a second Brawler (such as Blitzcrank) to increase the toughness of the team.

  • Add Elise and Shyvana for three Shapeshifter, and then replace the former with Gnar.

  • Remove Blitzcrank and Warwick once you find Braum and Leona for the two Guardian synergy, which will bring a massive survivability boost to the team.

  • Finally, Aurelion Sol for the Dragon’s magic resistance.

In the late game, you can complete the build with the Sorcerer or the Glacial synergy. I recommend the former if you are lacking damage, and the latter if your require crowd control.

More TFT Compositions

The links below will bring you to the 25 team compositions I have created so far. All of them are viable and work in this meta depending on your needs.

For example, despite the adjustments in this patch, Ninjas are still an optimal choice because each champion in this Origin is rather strong individually. Also, I have not repeated the past builds, but the Ranger Knight lineup is a tier 1 choice nowadays.


Vincenzo is an esports writer with five years of experience. Former head editor for Natus Vincere, he has produced content for DreamHack, FACEIT, DOTAFire, 2P, and more. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.