Best Teamfight Tactics (TFT) 9.14 team compositions and synergy combos

Best Teamfight Tactics (TFT) 9.14 team compositions and synergy combos

The best team compositions and synergy combos in Teamfight Tactics (TFT). Learn the best units and builds to rank up in patch 9.14.

Previously, I have published a compendium containing 15 among the best lineups in TFT, but over time I will produce also more build guides, depending on the meta and the patch changes.

Today, we will talk about the new team comps that arise with patch 9.14.

In each build, the champions are sorted by gold cost, and the number prior each name is the gold cost of that particular unit.


Brawler Void Glacial

Final team: Kassadin, Blitzcrank, Varus, Rek'Sai, Ashe, Volibear, Cho'Gath.

  • Brawler: 4

  • Void: 3

  • Glacial: 2

  • Ranger: 2

  • Robot: 1

Volibear has been buffed in 9.14: the patch reduced the mana cost of his powerful ability, and increased his attack speed, health, and AoE damage. This monster is your main carry.

  • Start with Blitzcrank and Rek'Sai for the two Brawler bonus.

  • Add Kha'Zix and Kassadin to unlock the three Void synergy.

  • Ashe, Volibear, and Varus bring the two Glacial and the two Ranger bonuses.

  • Remove Kha'Zix (or Kassadin) and add Cho'Gath to keep the Void synergy and unlock the four Brawler one.

You want to build Rapid Firecannon on Volibear for survivability (attack range) and DPS, and if possible also Darkin; an item composed of Spatula and Tear of the Goddess that provides the Demon trait. Volibear will inflict massive damage, stun the targets, and even burn their mana thanks to the two Demon synergy (the other demon is Varus). 

For the third item, select a tank one as you want Volibear to survive long enough to activate his special ability and obliterate the opponent team.

Brawler Glacial Elementalist

Final team: Lissandra, Blitzcrank, Rek'Sai, Ashe, Volibear, Cho'Gath, Brand, Anivia.

  • Brawler: 4

  • Glacial: 4

  • Elementalist: 3

Another build for the raid boss Volibear. This time we will enjoy also the protection of the golem.

  • Start the game with Warwick and Nidalee for the two Wild sinergy.

  • Add Blitzcrank to improve your survivability with the two Brawler bonus, and then maximize it with Rek'Sai and Volibear.

  • Replace Nidalee with Ashe for the two Glacial synergy.

  • Replace Warwick with Cho'Gath as soon as you find him.

  • Lissandra, Brand, and Anivia are the final units required to upgrade the Glacial synergy and unlock the Elementalist’s golem.

This lineup is tankier and has more CC than the Void variant, but of course you lose damage and the Demon’s mana burn.

Again, give Volibear Rapid Firecannon because he needs to fight from a range to survive long enough. Warmog’s Armor is also great on him as he will earn extra HP from the Brawler trait.

Ninja Assassin Elementalist

Final Team: Lissandra, Shen, Zed, Pyke, Kennen, Akali, Brand.

  • Ninja: 4

  • Assassin: 3

  • Elementalist: 3

This composition is quite easy to build as there are mostly low cost champions, but also note that you need several units to enable the trait bonuses.

Shen is the only tank champion in this lineup, but once unlocked the Elementalist synergy you will have a golem on the battlefield. The golem has been nerfed in 9.14 (damage halved), however it doesn’t matter a lot because you want a meat-shield and it has still thousands of HP.

  • Start with Pyke, Zed, and a random Assassin to achieve the three Assassin synergy and the one Ninja bonus.

Your next actions depend on your luck as you need the tier 4 units Brand and Akali to complete the remaining synergies:

  • Add Lissandra, Kennen, and finally Brand for the 3 Elementalist synergy.

  • Remove the random assassin and add Shen and Akali for the four Ninja and three Assassin bonuses.

  • Later on, replace Lissandra with Anivia in order to retain the Elementalist bonus with a better unit.

The patch buffed Kennen and optimized Akali, so the latter became an even stronger carry than in the past. I suggest building Seraph’s Embrace on Akali so she will be able to utilize her ultimate constantly, and Hextech Gunblade for self-healing capabilities.

Zed is your other carry so you should build DPS items on him, such as Rapid Firecannon.

Demon Shapeshifter

Final team: Elise, Varus, Morgana, Aatrox, Brand, Gnar, Draven, Swain.

  • Demon: 6

  • Shapeshifter: 3

  • Imperial: 2

Demons are finally a competitive synergy in Teamfight Tactics (and the one-gold cost Elise improves their early game) so I decided to list the two best Demon lineups of the patch.

  • Start with Elise and Varus for the two Demon synergy.

  • Add Nidalee and Shyvana to unlock the Shapeshifter trait. The health bonus has been nerfed, but it is still very strong.

  • Aatrox and Morgana will unlock the second tier of the Demon trait.

Aatrox is actually a very solid carry if you can upgrade him to three stars.

The starter build of the Demon Shapeshifter lineup is pretty much completed because you already gained all the synergies required, so now you can either continue with this guide or create your own variant depending on the units dropped.

  • Remove Nidalee and place Gnar to maintain the Shapeshifter bonus with a stronger unit.

  • In the late game, remove Shyvana, and add Brand and Swain to unlock the six Demon synergy.

  • Draven is a nice extra because you can activate the two Imperial bonus and use him as your main carry.

If you find Spatula + Recurve Bow and build Blade of the Ruined King, you can also unlock the three Blademaster synergy for increased DPS.

Demon Elementalist Shapeshifter

Final team: Elise, Morgana, Shyvana, Kennen, Brand, Aurelion Sol, Anivia, Swain.

  • Demon: 4

  • Elementalist: 3

  • Shapeshifter: 3

  • Dragon: 2

  • Ninja: 1

This lineup is able to achieve several strong synergies that will often dominate the late game. Beware: it is not easy to build.

  • Similarly to the Demon Shapeshifter build, start with Elise and Varus for the two Demon bonus, and then add Nidalee and Shyvana for the Shapeshifter one.

  • Add Morgana, and then Aurelion Sol for the Dragon trait.

You won’t always be able to transition into the Elementalist synergy as you require both skills and luck to drop the right tier 4 and 5 champions.

  • As soon as you find Kennen, Brand, and Anivia, add them to the battlefield for the Elementalist synergy. Brand if your first priority because he is also a Demon.

  • Remove Nidalee and Varus (depending on your level, you might have already swapped Varus for Brand). Add Swain as a Shapeshifter and the last member of your Demon composition.

This team build has several potential carries: I suggest Aurelion Sol and Brand with DPS, attack speed, and AP items.

Note that if you build Yuumi (Spatula + Needlessly Large Rod) you can also unlock the three Sorcerer synergy, which would boost Brand’s effectiveness.

Gunslinger Pirate

Final Team: Tristana, Graves, Lucian, Pyke, Gankgplank, Cho'Gat, Sejuani.

  • Gunslinger: 4

  • Pirate: 3

Pirates are more consistent than in the past, so I have finally included one of their builds among the best compositions.

  • Acquire three pirates to start stacking gold with their synergy: Graves, Pyke, and Twisted Fate.

  • Add Tristana for the two Gunslinger bonus. She is your main carry.

  • Replace Twisted Fate as soon as you find Gangplank. Lucian and Gangplank will maximize the Gunslinger trait.

  • Cho'Gat and Sejuani do not bring any synergy in particular, but you want them because they are solid late-game tanks, and your lineup needs them to survive.

Cursed Blade and other on-hit effect items such as Red Buff are amazing on Gunslingers as they are able to attack several targets simultaneously. Build these items on Tristana.

Later on, you can unlock more synergies depending on your needs and luck. For example, two Glacial with Anivia or two Knight with Kayle. 

With Spatula there are even more possibilities (such as giving Tristana a chance to stun on each attack with Frozen Mallet), but that goes past the purpose of the main build and it’s highly situational.

Imperial Brawler

Final team: Darius, Blitzcrank, Katarina, Cho'Gath, Draven, Sejuani, Swain.

  • Imperial: 4

  • Brawler: 2

  • Knight: 2

Mixing Brawlers with Imperials creates a team formation with beefy frontliners and outstanding damage.

  • Start with Garen and Darius for the two Knight bonus, and then add Blitzcrank.

  • The next move depends on your luck with tier 4 units: Cho'Gath is required for the two Brawler bonus, and Draven for the Imperial one.

  • Replace Garen with Sejuani as she is a stronger choice in the late game.

  • Complete the build with Katarina and Swain to unlock the four Imperial bonus.

Draven is your main carry, and also in this patch the best items on him are Rapid Firecannon and  Guinsoo’s Rageblade.

Do not underestimate the potential damage of Katarina. Provide her with some survivability items so she will be able to unleash her ultimate.

Later on, you might consider adding a Glacial unit (such as Anivia) for crowd control.

Imperial Elementalist

Final team: Darius, Kennen, Katarina, Brand, Sejuani, Draven, Swain, Anivia

  • Imperial: 4

  • Elementalist: 3

  • Knight: 2

  • Glacial: 2

  • Demon: 2

  • Ninja: 1

The previous Imperial build used Brawlers as tanks, while in this one we rely on the Golem.

  • Start with Garen and Darius for the two Knight bonus.

  • Kennen is quite strong in this patch, and he is your first Elementalist. His damage will increase as he is the only Ninja in the team.

  • Katarina brings the two Imperial bonus

  • Add Lissandra and Brand as soon as possible for the Elementalist synergy.

  • Replace Garen with Sejuani: you will keep the Knight bonus and also add the Glacial one.

This is your composition in the mid game. Later on, you need Draven and Swain to maximize the Imperial synergy, and Anivia in place of Lissandra for a better unit with the same traits.

Completing this formation isn’t an easy task because you need luck with both tier 4 and 5 champions.

The build requires a stacked two-star Draven to become super effective.

Yordle Gunslinger

Final team: Tristana, Lucian, Lulu, Kennen, Poppy, Veigar, Gnar.

  • Yordle: 6

  • Gunslinger: 2

  • Ninja: 1

Yordle is not the best synergy in the game, but it works great against auto-attackers and Ninjas that are dominating the meta. It is also quite simple to build because you just need to find all the Yordles.

  • Start with Tristana and Lucian for the two Gunslinger bonus.

  • Add Lulu, Kennen, and Poppy in any order to unlock the first tier of the Yordle sinergy.

  • Maximize the synergy with Veigar and Gnar.

There are several potential choices for the late game, which depend on the units and items you will find. Here are some examples:

  • Add Ahri to unlock both two Wild and three Sorcerer.

  • Spatula and Miss Fortune for four Gunslinger (this is the option with the highest potential damage as it boosts your current carries: Tristana and Lucian.)

  • Spatula and Swain for the Shapeshifter bonus, which will buff your front line.

Souless EXODIA

Final team: Lulu, Pyke, Morgana, Veigar, Aatrox, Kennen, Evelynn, Swain.

  • Demon: 4

  • Sorcerer: 3

  • Yordle: 3

  • Ninja: 1

The EXODIA build is quite popular at high ranks, so I decided to explain it briefly. It is composed of five main units: Lulu, Aatrox, Kennen, Morgana, and Veigar.

  • Initially, look for a strong early-game synergy such as Knight or Gunslinger with Garen + Darius or Tristana + Lucian. Later on, you will replace them with your composition.

  • Try reaching level 6 quickly as this is the level with the highest chance to find tier 3 units; your lineup is mostly composed of those.

Locket of the Iron Solari and Zeke’s Herald are the best items for your goals in the early game as you want to minimize casualties while finding your core lineup.

  • Prioritize the Sorcerer synergy with Lulu, Morgana, and Veigar.

  • Add Aatrox to unlock two Demon, and finally Kennen for three Yordle.

Afterwards, your main objective is achieving the four Demon bonus:

  • Add Evelynn, and then Varus, Brand, or Swain depending on your luck.

  • If you find a spatula, turn Pyke into a demon and use him as the 7th unit.

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