Best Symmetra Shield Generator spots on Volskaya Industries

Best Symmetra Shield Generator spots on Volskaya Industries

The best and safest Shield Generator spots on Volskaya Industries that work even at high ranks. Learn the best locations for Symmetra!

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Focus on defense. I know that Symmetra can be played also in attack, but in these guides I will show only placements for the defender team. Note that some of them might work even for the attackers.

Safe placements. The Shield Generator has an unlimited duration and will keep working until destroyed. The enemy team will try to find and break it as soon as possible, so it is essential to place it in a hidden and “secret” location.

The best spots. I will show you some of the best placements in each map that work even at high SR, and alert when you should avoid an overused or risky one. Beside these locations, there are other viable options depending on your skill rating, but I skipped the obvious ones.

Position and range. The main spots have also pictures showing the max range of each Shield Generator.

No turret climbing or Mei required. For this series, I decided to not feature spots that can be reached only via Mei’s Ice Wall or turret climbing.

Shield Generator or Teleporter. I will not argue about the perfect choice on each map and point, but just explain the best spots for the former. Of course, some of these locations can be used also for the latter.

Please note. I used Sentry Turrets to mark most of the secondary or wrong Shield Generator placements. Unfortunately, it is necessary to restart the lobby to place a new one.

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Volskaya Industries

First Point

Honestly, I do not like the Shield Generator on the first point. There are many possible placements, but most of them are sub-optimal, or can be detected and destroyed easily.

One of the most used spots, but still a relatively safe one because even at average ranks most people continue using the obvious locations.

It covers a respectable portion of the point, but not the entire choke. Still, your back-lines are safe and your supports will remain shielded.

In my games, no one ever notices this placement. It works also for a Teleporter.

The extra safety has a cost: this Shield Generator does protect well the main entrance, but barely reaches the point.

Above, you can see a list of horrible spots. They are all in straightforward and overused locations.

  • 1st-2nd: do not place the Shield Generator on the high ground area or inside the main building; these are the first places the opponents will search for.

  • 3rd: at first glance, this small room may appear as a very defendable placement, but the enemies will just wreck the generator as soon as they come on the point

  • 4th: also this building is very unsafe, and everyone entering inside will hear the noise produced by the Shield Generator.

  • 5th: another easily noticeable spot you should avoid.

Second Point

The second point has some amazing placements that few players know.

Let’s start with the yellow (pictures 1 to 3) and green rooms (pictures 4 to 8) spots.

They can be used both in attack and defense. To be honest, it isn’t that simple to reach this placement as a defender because you need to pass by the enemy spawn.

  • The Shield Generator in the yellow room covers almost all the second point, but it is useless for the first one.

  • The one in the green room has less coverage on the second point, but protects the choke of the first one.

If you have the chance to place the Shield Generator in this building, in my opinion the yellow room spot is the best choice for the defenders.

Credit to Hoshizora for both. She is a great Symmetra and Mercy player: follow her on Twitch.

My most used placement. The Shield Generator is well-hidden near the right side of the defender spawn. As you can see from the first picture, the enemies can’t spot it easily even if they enter in the room. It defends the entire point.

An alternative, but still amazing location for the generator. Thanks to the big box, it is concealed and guarded from flankers: the enemies must get on the point to find and attack it.

It is also the placement with the wider range as it encompasses practically the entire building. Note that if you are playing Torbjorn, a turret here is also very effective.

There aren’t other reasonable locations on this point, but we have already great options.

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