Best Symmetra Shield Generator spots on Junkertown

Best Symmetra Shield Generator spots on Junkertown

The best and safest Shield Generator spots on Junkertown that work even at high ranks. Learn the best locations for Symmetra!

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Focus on defense. I know that Symmetra can be played also in attack, but in these guides I will show only placements for the defender team. Note that some of them might work even for the attackers.

Safe placements. The Shield Generator has an unlimited duration and will keep working until destroyed. The enemy team will try to find and break it as soon as possible, so it is essential to place it in a hidden and “secret” location.

The best spots. I will show you some of the best placements in each map that work even at high SR, and alert when you should avoid an overused or risky one. Beside these locations, there are other viable options depending on your skill rating, but I skipped the obvious ones.

Position and range. The main spots have also pictures showing the max range of each Shield Generator.

No turret climbing or Mei required. For this series, I decided to not feature spots that can be reached only via Mei’s Ice Wall or turret climbing.

Shield Generator or Teleporter. I will not argue about the perfect choice on each map and point, but just explain the best spots for the former. Of course, some of these locations can be used also for the latter.

Please note. I used Sentry Turrets to mark most of the secondary or wrong Shield Generator placements. Unfortunately, it is necessary to restart the lobby to place a new one.

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This map is CRAZY. There are countless tunnels, rooms, and spots for both a defense and attack Symmetra player. I will teach you some of the best placements, but do not forget that there are more feasible ones depending on your rank and the opponents you are fighting.

Due to the shape of the map, many of these spots work also for the attackers. Often, you can have a solid placement just putting the Shield Generator somewhere in the previous section.

First Point

There are no safe positions outside, but it isn’t an issue as you have plenty of choices inside the town.

This is the main spot for the first point, and as you can see it offers an excellent coverage of the area. Experienced players know this placement, but at most ranks it will never be discovered.

  • 1st: a room below the previous placement. You can put the Shield Generator inside here for an alternative location - it has slightly less range.

  • 2nd: the enemies will eventually come in this area, particularly if your team has a sniper on the high ground, but with so many tunnels available you can find a safe and hidden spot for the generator that works in your games.

  • 3rd: I recommend to not put it up here as this is one of the first locations they will check.

Second Point

The best placement is inside the left room of the old defender’s spawn. Enemies have no reasons to come here unless they know this is a great spot for Symmetra. The generator covers the second point almost completely.

In this series, I am focusing on the best placements for the defenders, but I wanted to show you how also the attackers can exploit the map.

I have not tested all possible spots outside, so I don’t know the most optimal location, but a Symmetra on attack can easily cover an extensive area of the second point.

Of course, you can exploit these placements also on defense - if you can get here without being detected or killed.

Third Point

Again, the best position is inside the first defender’s spawn, but this time in the right room. It offers an amazing coverage of the point, and could survive for the entire game.

Placing the Shield Generator in this position is the only issue as you need to find the right moment to get here. The attackers can use it as well.

This is the second defender’s spawn. Very rarely, a mobility hero might come here while escaping, but usually it is a super secure location.

The placement next to the robots provides a better reach, but the one behind the wall is safer. Even if someone gets inside, they shouldn’t notice the latter.

Symmetra Shield Generator spot Junkertown last defense third point.png

A super obvious spot at the very end of the point, but overall it should be safe behind the back-lines.

The adversaries will notice the Shield Generator easily, especially if you place turrets to guard it. In the end, considering all the other good places on this point, using this one makes almost no sense.

Symmetra Shield Generator spot Junkertown attack third point example range.png

Finally, I want to show you the range of the Shield Generator from outside the enemy's spawn. Technically, an offense Symmetra might have many feasible and safe locations to encompass the entire area and protect her team.

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