Nemiga to CIS Minor - FONTAN used soft cheats

Nemiga to CIS Minor - FONTAN used soft cheats

Nemiga Gaming announced they will replace Klan Fontan at the CS:GO CIS Minor. The organizer will release an official statement today.

Nemiga alerted the fans on VK that they will take part at the upcoming CIS Minor because FONTAN were disqualified. The latter won the 5-7th place decider 2 to 1, earning a spot for the LAN event.

Always on VK, FONTAN explained that their player Dmitry "Ezzo" Kosov didn’t send a copy of his passport to the tournament organizers in time, thus they have been disqualified.

There was one major problem: most players did not have a passport. We began thinking about what to do, looking for sponsors or other sources of funding for urgent registration of documents - a lot of money was needed. In this background, small conflicts arose, and we did not pay attention to it.

Today, we had to collect all the documents and send them, otherwise we would get disqualified. We needed passport scans and other minor details. One of the players, Ezzo, did not send scans of his passport in time.

Now we don’t have 5 players, because of which we can’t participate in the LAN. It was unanimously decided to give the slot to the guys from Nemiga.
— Klan Fontan

Klan Fontan used soft Cheats

On October 10, Team Spirit filed a protest against Klan Fontan because two of their players, Egor "darkinho" Lobanov and Sergey "SER1Y" Oleynikov, were banned by FACEIT for cheating.

A chat with Ezzo leaked on VK, and he admitted that some members of the teams used soft cheats during the qualifier.

I can’t break dreams and careers of people who live to play this game.

My own career was ruined 2 years ago when I skipped the Minor just because of bad mood.

This game is nothing more than fun for us.

I can understand their [Spirit Academy] feelings when you practice all year long and got kicked.

I can’t destroy their dreams like that... just for fun.

Some guys in the team had soft [software assisting] for sure. It’s impossible to give such callouts without it.
— Ezzo - translation by u/phenomen

The CIS Minor will take place in Bucharest, Romania from October 26 to 29. Team Spirit and Tengri received a direct invite, while the other 6 have been determined through the open qualifier.

Teams at CIS Minor

  • Team Spirit

  • Tengri


  • pro100

  • Quantum Bellator Fire


  • Nemiga Gaming

  • Fantazeri


Header Image: Nemiga

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