Liquid to EPICENTER 2017 as Americas Wild Card

Liquid to EPICENTER 2017 as Americas Wild Card

Team Liquid won the Americas closed qualifier for EPICENTER 2017 - Wild Card. They will battle against three more teams to participate in the $500,000 event.

Team Liquid received a direct invite to the qualifier, and fought for a single Wild Card spot against seven more teams. The participants, split into two groups, clashed against each other in a best-of-three GSL group stage. The top two from each group moved to the best-of-three double-elimination playoffs.

Liquid overwhelmed the Group A with a 2-0 score, and then dominated the playoffs without losing a single game, 6 to 0. They defeated OpTic Gaming and Cloud9, and again the latter in the Grand Final.

The Wild Card stage will be played live during the LAN prior the main event, on October 23. Four teams, one from each region, will battle for two spots to EPICENTER 2017.

Wild Cards

  • Team Liquid (Americas)

  • FaZe Clan (Europe)

  • TyLoo (China)

  • TBD (CIS)

Team Liquid vs Cloud 9 Bo3 recap

The first game took place on Train, picked by C9. They won the pistol round as CT, and retained the advantage during most of the first half, ending it 9 to 6.

Once the sides swapped, Team Liquid proved to have an even better defense. Cloud9 tried planting the bomb three times during the first four rounds, but Liquid promptly killed them and defused. The match ended 16 to 14 for Liquid.

Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken had a remarkable performance scoring 29 kills and a rating of 1.33.

Train 16:14 (6:9; 10:5) - Image: HLTV

Train 16:14 (6:9; 10:5) - Image: HLTV

Inferno was completely one-sided as Liquid won 16 to 9. During the first half their CT-side fell six times to C9, but once the sides swapped they won 7 consecutive rounds as Terrorists.

Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski inflicted 129.2 average damage per round, and obtained an 1.80 rating. Cloud9 side saw a very poor Tarik “tarik” Celik with only a 0.57 rating

Inferno 16:6 (9:6; 7:0) - Image: HLTV

Inferno 16:6 (9:6; 7:0) - Image: HLTV

Header Image: Team Liquid

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