The best sniping spots for Widowmaker on Horizon Lunar Colony

The best sniping spots for Widowmaker on Horizon Lunar Colony

The sniping spots on Horizon Lunar Colony that all beginner and intermediate Widowmaker players should know. Learn the best places to contribute to the battle.

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Aim is important, but positioning is the key to victory. As a sniper, having a good aim is indispensable, but knowing the positions from where to shoot without being seen makes the difference between life and death. I analyzed streams, videos, and pros gameplay to compile a list of the best and most used sniping spots.

Positioning when pushing, flanking, and in teamfight. We will have a look at the best placements to push, defend, take part in teamfight, and predict the movements of the enemy Widowmaker - both on offense and defense.

No Grapple shots. A Grapple shot is a scoped headshot performed in mid-air, using Grappling Hook to reach max height and “fly” momentarily. This article is thought for new or intermediate players, and I consider Grapple shots a mechanic for advanced ones. I might prepare a guide on them in the future.

Widowmaker duels. Depending on the situation, bodyshots and a correct use of your SMG (often underestimated) may be crucial, but when facing another Widowmaker you should always attempt to headshot her. We will study the best places to kill her while remaining concealed.

Keep moving. Thanks to Grappling Hook, Widowmaker is a relatively mobile hero - you should exploit this strength to rotate the spots and escape from flankers. Relying too much on the same location could be your ruin.

Note: even if I have explained some placements only from the perspective of the defenders or the attackers, you can use several of them for both purposes.

  • While explaining the spots, I might use some map callouts: List of all map callouts, and credit to their creators.

  • Beware from mobile. All pictures are optimized, but there are about 90 on this page.

First Point - Attack

On Horizon Lunar Colony, most of the action takes place in two big rooms, so you can spot the enemy Widowmaker from almost any location. Some of these placements could be considered redundant, but I still decided to show as many as possible.

The high ground area just outside your spawn is the best starting position on the first point. You have access to most of the opposite high ground (Catwalk), and can even contribute to the battle on the point. Beware of the enemy Widowmaker who may be hidden behind the small yellow blocks.

A series of placements on the ground level. They are self-explanatory as they give you vision on the whole Catwalk.

Continuing on the right, you reach Flankroom, where there is a big health pack at your disposal.

On this side of the map, there are some placements from where you can attack the opponents on the point: Flankroom (image 2), the staircase on the back (image 3), and Catwalk (image 4). They do not provide a complete view of the point, but are useful while your team is contesting it.

On the left side of the room, this small placement that can be used to attack the enemies on the point and those going there from the spawn. Crouch and use the boxes for cover.

I love this position as the defender, but also the attacker Widowmaker can exploit it because it gives you vision on almost the whole point.

Finally, from Catwalk you can reach the area near the big tank. You can either snipe the heroes coming from the spawn (image 1) or try a risky flank jumping on the tank.

It is particularly useful if your team is stuck at the stairs as you can kill an enemy or two while their attention is focused elsewhere. Beware of those respawning as up here you are a very easy target.

First Point - Defense

At the start of the match, try to score a quick kill, but afterward retreat on Catwalk using your Grappling Hook. This is the best placement to attack the enemies coming from the main road, but if you have a shield hero on the point you might drop there for extra safety (image 4).

Maintaining the control of Catwalk is essential as it gives you access to literally any area of the map.

A few examples. In all the images Widowmaker is using the small yellow blocks for cover.

From the right side, you have access to the whole main road, the blue room, and the connectors leading to Flankroom.

From the left side, you can cover another portion of the road, and the high ground where the enemy Widowmaker is usually placed at the start of the game.

This is an incredibly strong position to cover the high ground area, attack all the enemies heading to the point from the staircase, and even snipe those contesting the point.

The room on your back (image 2) offers some cover, but be very careful against mobile heroes such as D.Va or Winston. They can easily counter you as you are far away from the area controlled by your team.

Let’s have a look at the space around the big tank. Both from ground level (images 2 and 4) or from above the tank (images 3 and 5) you have access to the stairs and the connector of the blue room. Flankers are your worst problem here.

Stairs to point defense sniping spot Widowmaker Horizon Lunar Colony Overwatch

If the enemies push from the opposite side of the room, you can use this staircase to defend the point from a safe position.

Launch your Grappling Hook to the ceiling and then land on the tires. Honestly, you won’t use them often, but I still wanted to show them. They are useful to snipe the opponents coming out of the blue room.

Second Point - Attack

Be very careful when entering in the hothouse as the enemy Widowmaker might be stationed on the high ground (Balcony) or near the main entrance.

This is a very underestimated area that offers you a safe position to attack the point (image 2), Balcony (image 3), and the left side of the room. Most Widowmakers are positioned on the high ground (red fence) or behind the boxes below it. I will show you these spots in detail as the defender.

Moving forward, the main entrance may appear an unsafe position, but it works well while your team is contesting the point. You have access to the point and most of the standard spots on the left and right side of the map.

You can attack the same placements also from Connector, and from here you even have a better view on Balcony (image 3).

This is a quite risky move, but situationally you can grapple to the high ground to gain an advantage in team fight.

On the left side of Connector there is a flanking route. You can kill the opponents coming out of the spawn, those on Balcony, and generally anyone on the point.

From the hothouse, reach the buggy for a side view on the point and the opposite high ground.

In my opinion, Balcony isn’t the safest position as the defenders often try to contest it, but you can exploit it while they are busy fighting on the point.

From here, you can also attempt a risky flanking route via the stairs, and appear right next to the enemy spawn.

Second Point - Defense

I took the first picture from Balcony, the second from the main door, and the third just outside Connector. You can exploit these positions for some easy kills after the enemies conquer the first point, and once in a while you can come back here to snipe an unaware hero.

It is particularly efficient after you win a team fight on the point as the attackers will blindly rush out of their spawn.

Second Point defense sniping spot Widowmaker Horizon Lunar Colony Overwatch

Have a good look at the whole room. You can fight the opponents on the point from almost any position.

This high ground is the most used one, and it gives you access to all the entrances. I preferred it before the map rework as now more flankers are able to reach it and punish you.

These boxes below the previous high ground can be used for cover while attacking Balcony and the main door.

Similar boxes are available also on the left side, and you can crouch on them to attack safely the entrance of Balcony.

Balcony is also a viable position to kill the enemies trying to conquer it, those fighting on the point, and anyone coming from the right side of the map.

I took the first image from the stairs of Balcony; in the second I am in the outer room. You can use these placements when the whole enemy team is attacking from the opposite side of the point.

Beware of flankers, especially in the second placement as you do not have a safe escape route.

The crane can be used both from the defender and the attacker Widowmaker. I do not love this placement, but you can exploit it situationally. It does give a good view on the entire area, but the crane keeps moving so it isn’t a very reliable spot.

To jump on the crane, just launch your Grappling Hook to the ceiling, and land on it.

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