The best sniping spots for Widowmaker on Hanamura

The best sniping spots for Widowmaker on Hanamura

The sniping spots on Hanamura that all beginner and intermediate Widowmaker players should know. Learn the best places to contribute to the battle.

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Aim is important, but positioning is the key to victory. As a sniper, having a good aim is indispensable, but knowing the positions from where to shoot without being seen makes the difference between life and death. I analyzed streams, videos, and pros gameplay to compile a list of the best and most used sniping spots.

Positioning when pushing, flanking, and in teamfight. We will have a look at the best placements to push, defend, take part in teamfight, and predict the movements of the enemy Widowmaker - both on offense and defense.

No Grapple shots. A Grapple shot is a scoped headshot performed in mid-air, using Grappling Hook to reach max height and “fly” momentarily. This article is thought for new or intermediate players, and I consider Grapple shots a mechanic for advanced ones. I might prepare a guide on them in the future.

Widowmaker duels. Depending on the situation, bodyshots and a correct use of your SMG (often underestimated) may be crucial, but when facing another Widowmaker you should always attempt to headshot her. We will study the best places to kill her while remaining concealed.

Keep moving. Thanks to Grappling Hook, Widowmaker is a relatively mobile hero - you should exploit this strength to rotate the spots and escape from flankers. Relying too much on the same location could be your ruin.

Note: even if I have explained some placements only from the perspective of the defenders or the attackers, you can use several of them for both purposes.

  • While explaining the spots, I might use some map callouts: List of all map callouts, and credit to their creators.

  • Beware from mobile. All pictures are optimized, but there are about 80 on this page.

First Point - Attack


As the attacker, the area before the main gate has several basic spots.

On the left side, the bridge grants you vision on the choke, some high ground areas, and the cherry tree placement.

Above the bridge, launch your Grappling Hook on the red thing near the roof.

This is a very underestimated spot which gives you access to most defensive positions, and is used to counter the high ground placements on Scaffold and Apartment. Of course, you have absolutely no cover.

Standard spots on the ground level. I do not really recommend them unless you have a shield-based tank in the lineup because the enemies usually focus this area.

On the right side, Catwalk is useful to attack hitscan heroes on Balcony. You also have a partial view on the point and the choke.

Cafe (ground level) and Loft (high ground) can be used as well, and are suitable versus the opponents on Courtyard and on the right side of Scaffold.

Bonus: there is a big health pack in the room.

The placement around the Van does its job to counter enemies camping the high grounds on the left.

Overall, all the locations are viable and give you vision on multiple areas of the map, but some of them are particularly proficient versus certain placements.

Once your team advances past the choke, grapple on the gate to get vision on the entire point. Depending on the enemies faced, this basic spot can be amazing, but don’t forget that you are completely exposed.

All the high ground locations on the left side: Perch, Balcony, and Hut. Hut has a limited view on the point, and I consider Balcony the superior choice in most games.

Next to Hut, this “secret” spot is useful to snipe the adversaries coming from the spawn, but the vision is also quite limited. Situationally it can be good, but in most cases you will just utilize the standard high ground placements.

You can contribute to the battle also from Terrace (image 1) and Scaffold (image 2).

Finally, Bridge is generally used as a defensive location, but also the attackers can abuse it to flank the enemies moving towards the point.

First Point - Defense

This high ground (Scaffold) is great because it gives you a clear vision on all the entrances, and some cover if you place yourself near the corners.

The cherry tree completely hides your body, and most players will never look up here while searching for Widowmaker. Honestly, it isn’t an amazing spot because your vision is extremely limited, but you might use it for extra survivability.

Hut is a quite safe position. It is usually used when the teams are clashing in the courtyard, but you can also exploit it to deal with the adversaries hiding behind the van.

Basic spots on the ground level.

Standard high ground spots on Bridge and Apartment. The former is useful after the enemies penetrate the choke; the latter is quite popular so you might find many Widowmaker players here.

Use this bush in the courtyard to hide your body while defending the choke.

A very situational location that works remarkably well to deal with the supports camping on Terrace. It might give your team the advantage necessary to maintain or regain the control of the point.

Second Point - Attack


I will skip the very basic locations on the ground level, but be aware that you can use most of Lawn to gain a direct line of sight on the point.

Hut gives you vision on a portion of the point and on the right side of the spawn. There is a health pack inside the structure.

From the stairs, you gain access to the remaining section of the point and the left side of the spawn. Stay crouched for some cover.

Use Halls to counter the enemy Widowmaker camping on Roof.

Shop is amazing to kill the adversaries on Balcony as most players won’t expect an attack from this position.

Going inside, you can exploit all the pillars on Walkaway for cover.

The remaining high ground positions inside the Dojo: Balcony and Perch.

All the spots above are viable and they give you vision on the entire point, but Perch in particular is very safe as only a few heroes can reach or attack you there.

Short is great to kill the Widowmakers camping on Roof or Perch.

Finally, you can reach the area outside the dojo with the Grappling Hook, and flank the the defenders on the point.

Second Point - Defense

There is just a limited number of spots available for the defense.

From Walkaway (image 1) and Halls (image 2), you can kill some heroes rushing from the spawn. They can be useful, but do not overextend in these advanced positions.

All the high grounds available: Perch, Roof, Balcony, and Walkaway.

The latter can be used to flank the opponents moving towards the point, and hopefully kill their supports.

The ground level locations on Stage. Feel free to utilize all the pillars for cover.

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