Infamous won PGL Bucharest SA qualifier

Infamous won PGL Bucharest SA qualifier

Infamous earned a spot for PGL Open Bucharest Minor after triumphing in the SA qualifier. They defeated SG esports 3 to 1 in the finals.

Infamous received a direct invite to the SA qualifier, and advanced to the playoffs passing the group stage with a 2-1 score. Here, they lost against Infamous Young, and were eliminated from the tournament.

Digitals Chaos SA qualified for the Minor beating Infamous Young 2-0. Unfortunately, both DC.SA and Infamous Young disbanded, thus PGL decided to hold a new final between the semifinalists.

Infamous and SG esports clashed in a best-of-five, and ultimately the former triumphed 3 to 1.

With Infamous, the lineup for PGL Open Bucharest is complete. Evil Geniuses and LGD Gaming received a direct invite, while the remaining teams qualified through the regional battles. The tournament will have $300,000 and 300 Pro Circuit points up for grabs, from October 19th to 22nd.

Teams for PGL Open Bucharest Minor

  • Evil Geniuses

  • LGD Gaming

  • Immortals

  • Infamous

  • Team Secret

  • Natus Vincere

  • Mineski

  • VGJ.Thunder

Infamous vs SG esports Bo5 recap

The fights in the first map started after just 5 minutes. Infamous clearly emerged victorious from the initial ganks and caused huge losses in SG’s easy and offlane. After just 23 minutes they had a 15k net worth advantage.

More teamfights took place in the mid-game, and even if Infamous lost some due to multiple consecutive deaths on Ancient Apparition, their retained the lead and pushed the enemy lanes. SG snatched a barrack, but in the end lost their entire base at 45 minutes.

Adriano de Paula "4dr" Machado had a great match with Dragon Knight in the mid lane, and thank to him the team was able to hold the ground during the mid game - but, he couldn’t stop the Anti-Mage. Alonso "Kotarō Hayama" León reached 800gpm, six-slotted AM, and even consumed a Moon Shard on top of it.

Game one - 1:0 - Image: Dotabuff

Game one - 1:0 - Image: Dotabuff

The teams started fighting even earlier in game two, and the first deaths happened at 2 minutes into the game. None of them earned a drastic advantage, so even at 40 minutes it wasn’t easy to figure out who would be the victor.

A nasty teamfight at 54 minutes caused two consecutive team wipes in favor of SG, thus they exploited the situation for a final push, claiming the second match.

Game two - 1:1 - Image: Dotabuff

Game two - 1:1 - Image: Dotabuff

Likewise, game three also saw many fights and a net worth difference almost always near the 0.

Infamous had a better late game team with Ember Spirit split-pushing all lanes with the Boots of Travel, and the duo Tiny + Io. Starting from the 30 minute mark, their combined efforts brought towers and teamfights in the team’s hands, until the entire enemy base was destroyed.

It was a remarkable match for Steven "StingeR" Vargas on Puck. He started in the offlane against Doom and Bane, farmed a Midas despite of a couple of adverse ganks in the early game, and thereafter did an excellent job initiating fights and baiting the opponents.

Game three - 2:1 - Image: Dotabuff

Game three - 2:1 - Image: Dotabuff

Once again it was a close match: SG had a strong Chaos Knight that scored 13-6-10, while infamous cores were Death Prophet and Anti-Mage. Pugna was heavily focused during all the game, and predominantly died in almost all teamfights and ganks.

The teams obtained four barracks each before the end of the match. The game was decided by a final teamfight at 20 minutes: it saw SG team-wiping and losing their buybacks in a final defensive attempt.

Game four - 3:1 - Image: Dotabuff

Game four - 3:1 - Image: Dotabuff

Header Image: Infamous

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