15 best tips for Juggernaut players

Improve your Dota 2 games as Juggernaut with 15 easy tips that will greatly change your games. Learn all the interactions with your skills.

Underrated Items

Buy Clarities, you need mana. Juggernaut mana pool is horrible, so don’t be afraid and buy some Clarities, particularly in the lane stage. You could miss different kills with Blade Fury just to save some gold.

Buy a Magic Wand. In most of the games a Magic Stick is essential, unless you are fighting against a very passive offlaner. Juggernaut really needs all the possible sources of mana.Often you will want to upgrade it to a Magic Wand because the extra statistics are very useful on him.

Manta against Silence. If the enemies have a source of Silence, you have to buy a Manta Style. Be silenced just before a possible kill with Omnislash, or when you need Blade Fury to engage or escape can be critical. Manta is also great to split-push and increase your GPM.

Juggernaut is a melee hero, sometimes you will need a gap closer. The Blink Dagger or the Shadow Blade are your best options if you need to engage an opponent.

In teamfights, ignoring the Sniper that keeps melting your team from afar will lead to a defeat.

Blade Fury isn’t a replacement for the Black King Bar. The Blade Fury deals a lot of damage in the early game, but later on your auto-attack is the real deal.

You can’t right-click opponents while spinning, so as any dps hero you need a BKB when fighting against casters and disablers.

Armor of the Unyielding Mask - Image: Valve

Armor of the Unyielding Mask - Image: Valve


Interactions with Blade Fury

Activate Blade Fury while teleporting to become spell immune. The channeling won’t break, and it will protect you from stuns and magic damage.

Activate it just before the teleport is completed to be immune to spells once reached the destination - useful when there are enemy heroes waiting for you.

Right-clicking during Blade Fury: it doesn’t deal damage to heroes but only to buildings and ward-type units. It applies on-hit effects like the Desolator.

Blade Fury isn't cancelled by a Black Hole or Chronosphere. Juggernaut is disabled, but he will retain the magic immunity and keep inflicting AoE damage in the area.

Never use the Manta Style while spinning. You will waste a potential save from a silence or a disjointable spell, and the opponents will quickly find out who is the real Juggernaut.

How to use the Healing Ward

Healing Ward gives vision. It has a 420 movement speed and 600/600 ground vision. You can use it for scouting the jungle, a cliff, or the Roshan.

Use the Healing Ward during the teamfight, not just after. Many Juggernaut players only use this skill at the end of the fight. You could save more lives using it during the actual teamfight.

Dashing Swordsman - Image: Valve

Dashing Swordsman - Image: Valve


Tips for Omnislash

You can cast spells and use items during Omnislash. You can’t cast Blade Fury or use a Teleport Scroll, but any other item works.

Try getting a kill as soon as you hit level 6. Often the opponent won’t even notice your level. If there is a good opportunity, kill all the creeps, and unload a full Omnislash on the enemy hero.

The Linken’s Sphere will only block the first slash of Omnislash. Don’t be afraid when fighting enemies with a Linken - they need other tools to get rid of your damage.

Magic Immunity doesn’t block Omnislash: it deals physical damage. Many players in pub will activate the Black King Bar thinking to counter your ultimate. Use their lack of knowledge at your advantage.

If you know more useful tips for Juggernaut, please share them with us!

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Header Image: Valve

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