Dota Auto Chess: Guide on the 5 Gold hero units

Dota Auto Chess: Guide on the 5 Gold hero units

A guide on all the 5 gold-cost heroes in Dota Auto Chess. I will explain their usefulness, special abilities, synergies, and place in the current meta.

In a game with several heroes such as Dota Auto Chess, some units are always stronger than others because a perfect hero balance is never attainable.

You may want to utilize a particular chess piece even if not optimal because if fits your strategy, it counters a certain class, or it is the last unit you need to achieve a synergy. At the end of the day, almost all the pieces can be useful.


All the heroes with Area of Effect (AoE) abilities are extremely powerful in the late game as there are more units on the chessboard that can be affected by their skills.

Tidehunter is one of the best choices because his ultimate Ravage both damages and stuns all the opponents on the ground. I recommend him independently from the species in your lineup: he is the king of CC (crowd control) in Auto Chess.

As a plus, if you have another naga in the team, the species bonus increases the magic resistance of all allied units by 20%, which is of great help in the late game versus magic-based AoE skills.


Enigma’s ability Midnight Pulse has a huge potential because it damages all the enemy units in an area based on a percentage of their maximum health points, so the effect is stronger when facing tanky three-star heroes with lots of HP. The damage inflicted is pure, so it ignores any magic or physical resistance.

The main issue with this hero is the randomness of the game: sometimes he places his ability in a perfect position, other times he uses it on a solo ranged hero at the very edge of the map. Enigma is also a warlock, a class I love integrating in my lineups because they provide lifesteal to all allies.

Sky-High Warship loading screen for Gyrocopter - Valve

Sky-High Warship loading screen for Gyrocopter - Valve


Gyrocopter has a valuable AoE ultimate, and he can be played either as a front liner to exploit the ability as soon as possible, or as a DPS in the real lines. I tend to prefer the second option once he is upgraded to two stars.

You need either Gyrocopter or Techies to complete a mech strategy as the fourth piece grants an additional 25 HP regeneration to all friendly mechs. Your Clockwerk and Timbersaw will appreciate it as they are acting as the main tanks of your lineup.


Similarly to Gyrocopter, Techies has an AoE ability, and he is a possible option as the final mech; but he is also mandatory if you are using goblins because there are only six goblin pieces in the game. Also this synergy boosts the survivability of the heroes as it gives 15 armor and HP regeneration to all friendly goblins.

Explosive Bomb is one of the best damage-dealing AoE abilities among the 5-gold chess pieces because it inflicts heavy physical damage. Techies tends to place it next to him, so you must forcefully put him on the front line to not waste the explosion on an empty area of the chessboard.


Lich can be used as the final undead or the third mage in your lineup. The first option reduces the armor of all the opponents, while the second one decreases their magic resistance. I am not a fan of the mages, but you could exploit this synergy to increase even more your AoE damage.

His ability Chain Frost might not deal as much damage as the other AoE abilities at level 1 because it bounces among the opponents a limited number of times, but it is usually quite reliable, and becomes exponentially stronger from level 2 onwards as both the damage and the number of bounces increase.

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Header image (Relics of the Drowning Trench loading screen for Tidehunter) and hero icons: Valve

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