Newbee qualified for DreamLeague S8 Major

Newbee qualified for DreamLeague S8 Major

Newbee earned a spot at DreamLeague S8 Major with a great 6-1 run in the Chinese qualifier. They defeated ViCi and LGD.FY.

The Chinese qualifier for DreamLeague S8 took place in the previous weekend, and Newbee participated as one of the three invited teams.

In the semifinals, they scored a victory against Vici gaming 2 to 1, and then advanced to the grand finals after beating LGD Forever Young 2-0. LGD.FY didn’t give up and fought their way back through the lower bracket.

The final best-of-three matchup was quick as Newbee dominated their opponents with a flawless 2-0 victory. They will join seven more teams in Jönköping, Sweden at the DreamLeague Major from December 1st to 4th.

Currently, only Newbee and Infamous are confirmed for the Major, while the remaining teams must still be determined via the regional qualifiers.

Newbee vs LGD.FY Bo3 recap

Newbee obtained a striking victory in game one: they ended it in 35 minutes and with a 22k net worth advantage. Only a sparse number of fights happened during the early game as both teams directed their attention on farming the respective carries.

LGD had a more aggressive lineup, but it wasn’t easy to teamfight against the ultimates of Phoenix and Tidehunter: Necrophos and Shadow Fiend were forced to buy a Black King Bar to survive.

They got it at 25 minutes, but it was already too late as Song "Sccc" Chun on Ember Spirit and Xu "Moogy" Han on Weaver were already farmed and dangerous. LGD.FY lost two nasty teamfights at 29 and 32 minutes in the game, and soon after were forced to call gg.

Game one - Image: Dotabuff

Game one - Image: Dotabuff

After a disputed early game, Newbee took again the lead of the match. Their gank attempts with Nyx Assassin failed, and he died multiple times in the early-mid game, for a total of 11 deaths in all the match.

The captain Zeng "Faith" Hongda had a huge impact on the team’s victory with his Keeper of the Light, acting as a roaming support. In the end, Moogy triumphed in every teamfight with Phantom Lancer, getting a 12-0-13 score and finishing the game with 5 items.

LGD.FY fought back till the very end, but ultimately even their Earthshaker wasn’t enough to stop PL.

Game two - Image: Dotabuff

Game two - Image: Dotabuff

Header Image: Newbee

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