Vega Squadron triumph at China Top 2017

Vega Squadron triumph at China Top 2017

Vega Squadron won the 2017 edition of China Top. They brought home a $45,000 prize after defeating ViCi Gaming 2 to 0 in the grand final.

Four teams received an invite for the $100,000 tournament based in Kunshan, China. They battled in a best-of-three double elimination bracket from September 29th to October 1st.

Vega defeated B.O.O.T-dreamScape 2 to 0 in the semifinals and in the lower bracket final. ViCi Gaming conquered the upper bracket, but Vega encountered them again in the grand final, and got a clean 2-0 victory.

Prize distribution:

  1. Vega Squadron - $46,000

  2. ViCi gaming - $31,000

  3. B.O.O.T-dreamScape- $15,000

  4. GoldenMix - $8,000

Vega Squadron vs ViCi Gaming Bo3 recap

The first fight took place on the map picked by ViCi, Overpass. Vega won the pistol rounds as Counter-Terrorists, and retained the lead during all the first half, ending it with a 3-12 score.

The fate of the game reverted once the sides swapped: ViCi was able to comeback and bring the game to overtime. It was quick and painless for Vega as they won 4 to 1.

Pavel “hutji” Lashkov scored the most kills in his team, 31, and obtained a rank of 1.32,

Overpass 16:19 (3:12) (12:3) (1:4) - Image: HLTV

Overpass 16:19 (3:12) (12:3) (1:4) - Image: HLTV

Both teams played a remarkable CT-side also on Train. ViCi prevailed in the first half, but Vega annihilated them in the second scoring 10-2.

Almost the entire Vega’s roster got a rating past 1.0. There wasn’t a clear MVP, but the team showed a solid teamplay.

Train 11:16 (9:6) (2:10) - Image: HLTV

Train 11:16 (9:6) (2:10) - Image: HLTV

Header Image: HLTV

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