The Greenwall invaded Dota 2 - Survival guide

The Greenwall invaded Dota 2 - Survival guide

After OpTic Gaming acquisition of The Dire, hordes of fans joined the Reddit sub and the Twitch channel dedicated to Dota 2. A fan shared a guide on the team.

On September 26th OpTic Gaming signed The Dire. The team, captained by the TI winner ppd, took part in multiple qualifiers in September, and triumphed at King’s Cup: America. They won the Bo5 finals against Digital Chaos with a 3-0 score, obtaining a direct invite for the DOTA Summit 8 Minor.

OpTic Gaming’s roster:

  1. Per Anders Olsson "Pajkatt" Lille

  2. Quinn "CC&C" Callahan

  3. Ludwig "zai" Wåhlberg

  4. Rasmus "MiSeRy" Filipsen

  5. Peter "ppd" Dager

Many Dota 2 players got overwhelmed by the number of OpTic’s fans that joined the r/DotA2 subreddit and the Twitch chat during the games.

A veteran fan of OpTic, u/ddblades, shared a simple guide explaining some fundamental info on the team.

As proud Redditors, we also enjoyed the tips, and asked his permission to post them here.

Optic Gaming Logo.png

1 - Capitalise the T but never the C - It's OpTic.

2 - Us fans are called "The Greenwall".

3 - "GREENWALL" will be spammed in chat when OpTic are about to play, when someone from OpTic makes a good play, when OpTic are winning, when OpTic lose, and finally when OpTic play in general.

4 - T2P WILL BE spammed before OpTic play, this started from COD.

5 - A large majority of our fans are originally Call Of Duty fans since it's the largest console esport, and OpTic started in it.

6 - We can be toxic occasionally.

7 - We have a huge rivalry with Team EnVyUs, and FaZe clan.

8 - We have no idea what's happening in this game, but we will cheer and watch in the thousands just to support the org.

9 - At LANS "LETS GO OPTIC" will be chanted (Maybe not in this game just yet since we don't have a huge following in Dota).

10 - YouTube channel is called OpTic Nation.

11 - Hecz - CEO of OpTic, runs the organisation like a family more than an esports organisation, which is why it is easily the best organisation to play for as a player in Console Esports.

12 - Hecz daily vlogs on his YouTube channel and can be used to get an insight on all the players and how the organisation is run.

13 - Vision is a series on OpTic Nation and every fan watches it. It's basically a weekly documentary consisting of interviews, day to day life, and esports recaps.

100% recommend everyone to binge watch this from the very first episode when you get a lot of free time, if you want to really get to know OpTic or become part of the GREENWALL.

14 - Blame hitch for EVERYTHING (Hitch is OpTics video editor and video producer).

15 - Call Maniac lazy (Ex-Halo pro, wasn't dropped since hecz runs the org like a family and didn't want to drop a friend). He gets called lazy because he lives in the Scuf-House, which is a multimillion dollar mansion of OpTic's.

He was kept in OpTic to become an entertainer (YouTube and Twitch), but doesn't upload or stream anymore - every time he is shown in Hecz' vlog or on Vision he is laid in bed or just doing nothing.

If you enjoyed the pure love for the team that the OpTic’s fans are showing, join them in the official subreddit at r/OpTicGaming.


Header image by Semsko via Imgur

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