Renegades and mouz to DreamHack Denver semifinals

Renegades and mouz to DreamHack Denver semifinals

Renegades and mousesports qualified to the semifinals of DreamHack ASTRO Open Denver 2017. They won the respective decider matches in the group stage.

On day one, Cloud9 and BIG obtained the first two spots for the best-of-three single-elimination playoffs with a flawless play in the groups - the recap of the first day is available here.

The remaining teams had to go through the best-of-three decider matches to earn one of the two slots left.

Renegades vs. CLG - Bo3 recap

Renegades, in the Group A, fought against Counter Logic Gaming, and got a 2:1 victory.

  • Mirage 16:13 (8:7; 8:6)

The first battle took place on Mirage, picked by CLG. Renegades started on the T-side, won the pistol round, and piled up money with well-executed plants in the successive rounds.

Only on round six CLG was able to stop them - the first half saw Renegades in advantage 8 to 7. Once the sides swapped, CLG had a good start, but could only secure 5 rounds before Renegades organized a flawless defense. The first map went to the latter with a 16:13 score.

Aaron “AZR” Ward was the best player in the first game: he scored 28 kills and got a rating of 1.45. In the video below you can witness his skills while retaking the A-bombsite and defusing the bomb.

  • Cobblestone 10:16 (9:6; 1:10)

On Cobblestone, both teams played a great T-side, but CLG ended having the upper hand. They were able to defuse Renegades’ bombs two times in a row during round 4 and 5 of the first half, which slowed down the attack of their opponents.

CLG T-side was amazing as they scored 10:1, and planted the bomb six times during the first seven rounds.

Ricardo “Rickeh” Mulholland claimed round 23 with a quick 1vs2 clutch.

  • Inferno 16:11 (6:9; 10:2)

The final battle happened on Inferno. Overall, Renegades showed better skills as Counter-Terrorists. CLG planted the bomb as many as five times, but only one of these actions was successful - the remaining times Renegades retook control of the area and wiped out the threat.

Also Counter Logic Gaming secured many rounds as CT, but they couldn’t maintain the advantage for long. Renegades breached their defense multiple times, scoring 6 rounds as Terrorists.

Noah "Nifty" Francis got the match point with an exceptional triple kill via AWP.

All maps stats by HLTV

All maps stats by HLTV

Mousesports vs. LDLC Bo3 recap

Mousesports are the fourth semifinalists at DreamHack Open Denver 2017. They got two easy victories against LDLC.

  • Nuke 16:2 (13:2; 3:0)

  • Cobblestone 16:4 (14:1; 2:3)

LDLC picked Nuke, while mouz opted for Cobblestone. In both games, the latter proved to be the best team in the matchup as the former were completely overwhelmed.

The MVP of the Bo3 was Robin “ropz” Kool, who inflicted 130.1 average damage per round, got a total of 50 kills, and obtained a rating above 2.0. The entire LDLC’s roster couldn’t even reach the 0.70 rating.

Featured below we have ropz’s quad kill. Thanks to it mousesports won the 14th round on Cobblestone.

All Maps stats by HLTV

All Maps stats by HLTV

DreamHack ASTRO Open Denver 2017 will continue today with the playoffs. The champions will be rewarded with a trophy and a $50,000 prize.

Playoffs schedule - Bo3

All times in CEST

  • 18:00 - BIG vs. Renegades - Semifinals

  • 21:00 - Cloud9 vs. mousesports - Semifinals

  • 01:00 - Grand Final


Header image by Adela Sznajder - DreamHack

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