Cloud9 won DreamHack Denver trophy

Cloud9 won DreamHack Denver trophy

Cloud9 have been crowned champions of DreamHack ASTRO Open Denver 2017 with a 2-0 victory over BIG.

DreamHack ASTRO Open Denver 2017 took place at National Western Complex in Denver, Colorado, US from October 20th to 22nd. Eight teams participated in the $100,000 event: six of them received a direct invite, while the remaining ones passed the respective regional qualifiers.

The teams were split into two groups, and fought against each other according to the GSL format. Cloud9 conquered group A defeating Tempo Storm and Renegades.

The best two teams from each group moved to the best-of-three single-elimination playoffs. In the Semifinals Cloud9 faced the second placed team of group B, mousesports, earning a spot to the Grand Final with a 2-1 score.

BIG tried their best to earn the title of champions, but Cloud9 were just too strong, and quickly ended the battle scoring 2-0 on Cache and Train.

Prize pool distribution

  • 1st - Cloud9 - $50,000

  • 2nd - BIG - $20,000

  • 3rd-4th - Renegades and mousesports - $10,000

  • 5-6th - Counter Logic Gaming and Team LDLC - $3,000

  • 7-8th - Tempo Storm and NRG Esports - $2,000

BIG vs. Cloud9 Bo3 recap

  • Cache 13:16 (6:9; 7:7)

The first battleground was selected by BIG: Cache. They planted the bomb during the pistol round, but it was promptly defused by C9, that also secured the successive round. BIG fought back and claimed up to 4 rounds in the early game, but later on C9 organized an impenetrable defense, winning the first half 9:6.

The sides swapped and Cloud9 once again won the pistol round. Both teams displayed a great teamplay and none of them held the advantage for long. Finally the second half ended 7:7 with a victory for C9.

In the video below, Jake "Stewie2K" Yip got an ACE as CT, winning a decisive round for the fate of the game.

  • Train 6:16 (3:12; 3:4)

The teams moved on Train, and here CLoud9 proved their skill on this map with an amazing 16:6 victory.

They started as Terrorist and won 5 rounds in a row. Occasionally BIG was able to stop their rush, but in the end they only claimed 3 rounds during the first half - things were dire for the German team.

Cloud9 showed a better performance also as CT, ending the second half after just 7 rounds. Tarik “tarik” Celik was the MVP of the map with 22 kills an 1.69 rating.

All maps stats by HLTV

All maps stats by HLTV


Header image by Adela Sznajder - DreamHack

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