Spirit protest against result in CIS Minor Qualifier

Spirit protest against result in CIS Minor Qualifier

Spirit Academy lost in the open qualifier for the CIS Minor against FONTAN. They filed a protest as some of their opponents were banned in previous Minors.

Spirit Academy’s journey in the CIS qualifier ended in the Round of 128, where they lost 11:16 against KLAN FONTAN on Overpass.

Once the match ended they contacted the organizer, CEVO, complaining that two of KF’s players, Egor "darkinho" Lobanov and Sergey "SER1Y" Oleynikov, were banned in previous Minors and are still banned on FACEIT for cheating.

FACEIT accounts: SER1Y - darkinho

After losing the match to the team KLAN FONTAN on CEVO we decided to appeal the result of the match. The reason is because some players from KLAN FONTAN were banned in one of the previous minors and there are bans for cheating on their accounts on Faceit.

We hope that CEVO management will review our statement in the near future and make a fair decision in regard to this issue.

P.S. Excellent choice of service and system for conducting qualifications for the most important tournament of the season.
— Team Spirit manager - Ruslan "Eddieh" Buhryn

HLTV contacted the manager, who explained that CEVO will need up to 24 hours to review the case, and even if FONTAN are disqualified, Spirit Academy won’t be able to continue the tournament. The open qualifiers are on a tight schedule, and at the moment there are just sixteen teams left.


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