FejtZ left 5Power - Looking for offers

FejtZ left 5Power - Looking for offers

Kristjan "FejtZ" Allsaar announced on Twitter that he isn’t anymore a member of 5Power. He will continue his competitive career and is already looking for offers.

FejtZ joined 5Power Club on August 11, but only played six games with them, during 91Lounge Cup #1. His last official match with 5Power is dated back to August 23.

In May, FejtZ  moved to china together with Vladimir "VofkiN" Shmakov to join UYA. The team achieved the third place at World Cyber Arena 2017 - China: Tournament Platform, a first and second place at Infinite Challenge Cup Weekly, and the top 4 in different qualifiers, such as ROG Masters 2017 - China.

5Power Club curren’t roster:

  • Lei "forget" Li

  • Peng "xiaosaGe" Song

  • Gan-Erdene "dobu" Batbold

  • Batbayar "kabal" Bat-Enkh

  • Kitikawin "PTC" Rattanasukol


Header Image: csgo.replays.net

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