eXTREMELAND Zowie Asia 2017 groups

eXTREMELAND Zowie Asia 2017 groups

The groups for eXTREMELAND ZOWIE Asia CS:GO 2017 have been released. The $100,000 tournament will kick in on October 19.

Sixteen teams will participate at eXTREMELAND Asia 2017, each of them representing their own country. They will battle in Shanghai, China from October 19th to 22nd - $100,000 are up for grabs.

The teams, split in four groups, will face each other in a GSL group stage. The best two from each group will advance to the best-of-three single elimination playoffs.

Teams at eXTREMELAND Asia 2017

Group A

  • Kings Gaming Club - Australia

  • KhaRUM - Mongolia

  • SZ Absolute - Japan

  • vRn - Pakistan

Group B

  • ViCi Gaming - China

  • Fire Dragoon Esports - Malaysia

  • Beyond.Maple Club - Thailand

  • Talon Esports - Taiwan

Group C

  • Recca Esports - Indonesia

  • UTM Esports - Vietnam

  • NASR Esports - Middle East

  • Flash gaming - China

Group D

  • B.O.O.T-dreamScape - Singapore

  • Entity Esports - India

  • Eclipse - China

  • Mineski - Philippines

ViCi Gaming are the winners of the previous edition, and also among the favorites of the new one. In 2016, they defeated Renegades 2 to 1 in the Finals, overwhelming them on Dust II and Cobblestone


Header Image: ViCi Gaming

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