Capture the Flag - list of restricted abilities

Capture the Flag - list of restricted abilities

A list of all restricted abilities in the revamped Capture the Flag mode introduced with the Lunar New Year event.

In the latest developer update, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan explained that they needed to implement new rules to improve the CTF mode. The restricted abilities will balance some heroes considered overpowered in the previous version and lead to a more competitive gameplay.


  • No restrictions.


  • No restrictions.


  • Boosters and Self-Destruct restricted.

  • You can use Call Mech while holding the flag, but losing your mech will drop it.


  • All his abilities are restricted.

  • You will drop the flag even when just charging Rocket Punch.


  • Dash is restricted.

  • You can climb walls and double jump without dropping the flag.


  • No restrictions.


  • Concussion Mine is partially restricted. You can use this ability without issues, but if you try to boost yourself the flag will drop.


  • Amp It Up is restricted only while Crossfade is set to amplify the movement speed. There is no way to utilize this ability: if you Amp it Up while in regeneration mode, and then switch to speed mode, the flag will drop on the ground.

  • Wall riding works, and thus also the speed you gain from jumping, meaning Lucio is the fastest hero in the game for carrying the flag.

  • Undoubtedly, Lucio is the best hero for CTF as he can freely Amp It Up while in speed mode when a teammate is holding the flag.

Note: Jeff Kaplan announced that from the next patch Lucio will drop the flag on wall ride.

Image: Blizzard

Image: Blizzard


  • No restrictions.


  • Cryo-Freeze is restricted.


  • Guardian Angel and Valkyrie are restricted.

  • Angelic Descent is unrestricted.


  • Fade and Coalescence are restricted.


  • No restrictions.


  • Jump Jet is restricted.

  • Concussive Blast is semi-restricted. You can use it, but attempting to boost yourself will drop the flag.

  • Hover Jets and "Rocket Jumping" are unrestricted.


  • Wraith Form and Shadow Step are restricted.


  • Charge is restricted.


  • No restrictions.

Soldier: 76

  • Sprint is restricted.

  • Rocket jump is unrestricted.


  • Thermoptic Camo and Translocator are restricted.

  • You can safely toss Translocator while holding the flag, but it will drop if activated.


  • No restrictions.


  • No restrictions.


  • Blink and Recall are restricted.


  • Grappling Hook is restricted.


  • Jump Pack and Primal Rage are restricted.


  • No restrictions.


  • Transcendence is restricted.

I played lots of games during the night, and in my opinion CTF is funnier with the restricted abilities as they solved some balancement issues.

With only a high-platinum placement I am not an expert, still I would suggest every team to have these heroes in the lineup:

  • Lucio, for individual and team actions. There is already a Lucio + Roadhog strat: the former provides speed, the latter can self-heal well enough to bring the flag in your base.

  • A least one defensive hero. Symmetra works great for both offensive and defensive actions.

  • A D.Va or/and a Winston. Even if their abilities are restricted, they can nevertheless use them to reach the flag quickly - plus they are quite tanky.

Check out my CTF guide containing tips on each hero!


Thanks to LivelyZebra who tested most of the interactions. Header image: Blizzard

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