Capture the Flag - Hero tips for the Year of the Dog event

Capture the Flag - Hero tips for the Year of the Dog event

Let’s learn the role of each hero and how to use their abilities in the new CTF. Almost all heroes are viable, but there are better choices for certain objectives.

If you wish to turn into an expert in Capture the Flag, check out also this article with a list of all restricted abilities in this game mode.


  • A skilled Ana can stop any flag carrier with Sleep Dart. Beware: shooting at a Lucio jumping around at full speed is not a simple job.

  • Great to protect your team’s flag carrier as she can heal them and sleep any pursuer.

  • With Nano Boost she can increase the carrier’s chances to survive. It is particularly valuable on a tank such as Roadhog who can also rely on Take a Breather for self healing.


  • One of the best carriers as he can run and self heal simultaneously.

  • Great to defend your flag while in Sentry mode.


  • Can defend the carrier blocking any incoming projectile with Defense Matrix.

  • Decent carrier as she can fly towards the flag, has a big health pool, and can protect herself with Defense Matrix.

  • Good pursuer who can quickly reach the flag carrier with Boosters and kill them with a volley of Micro Missiles

  • Self Destruct can be used both offensively and defensively. It will wipe out the enemy’s base, kill any pursuer, and block their attempt to steal your flag. It is an amazing ability to start an attack as it can destroy all Symmetra and Torbjorn’s turrets placed in defense.


  • Thanks to his great mobility he can quickly reach the carrier and stun them.

  • Solid hero also in offense as he can spread panic in the enemy’s base.


  • He can take care of the Bastion defending the enemy’s flag.

  • Wall climb and double jump do not drop the flag. He can abuse them to move through difficult positions to reach for most heroes.


  • If you can predict the path of the carrier - made simpler by his silhouette - Dragonstrike can kill them even from afar.

  • Sonic Arrow is useful in defense to find out the enemy’s plan.

Junkrat Junkertown Overwatch.jpg


  • Great mobility with Concussion Mine, but he can’t boost himself while carrying the flag.

  • RIP-Tire is great to destroy all defenses in the enemy’s base, chase their carrier, or protect yours by eliminating all pursuers.

  • Steel Trap is an amazing defense tool which will trap any enemy attempting to steal the flag.


  • Speed mode is excellent to steal the flag or chase the enemy carrier. If you are carrying the flag, Amp it Up wll drop it, but you can still use it to boost your carrier.

  • Can boop away the pursuers. If you push a carrier into the void, the flag won’t drop on the ground, but will be sent back to your base.

  • Sound Barrier to help the carrier or for extra protection while raiding the enemy’s base.

Note: Jeff Kaplan announced that from the next patch Lucio will drop the flag on wall ride. But, the hero will still remain a tier 1 pick in this mode because of the ability to speed boost the carrier.


  • In defense, Flashbang is useful to stun any enemy attempting to steal the flag.


  • Ice Wall can block the path of both the enemy carrier or the pursuers.

  • Can self heal with Cryo-Freeze, but the flag will drop.

  • Blizzard is useful to breach the enemy base as it will instantly destroy all Symmetra’s turrets.

  • She can freeze any enemy trying to steal the flag.

Year of the Dog Mercy Overwatch.jpg


  • The best single target healer of the game, thus can keep the carrier alive. Can also resurrect them.


  • Can heal the carrier, damage the pursuers, and force Bastion to relocate using a damage orb.

  • Coalescence is useful when attacking the enemy’s base as all heroes are usually stuck in a limited space.


  • Protective Barrier is great both in offense and defense: to protect your Bastion, block the projectiles of the pursuers, and tank the damage of the enemy’s turrets.

  • While carrying the flag, Fortify reduces the incoming damage and removes CC without dropping it.

  • Halt! can shortly slow down the chasers.


  • Can destroy the enemy’s defenses from a long distance with her missiles.

  • Amazing mobility so she can quickly chase the enemy carrier and kill them.

  • Concussive Blast can push back pursuers and push the enemy carrier in the void. In that case the flag will instantly return to your base.


  • Can kill all defenders in the enemy base, especially strong if he has Death Blossom ready.

  • Shadow Step to teleport towards the enemy carrier.

  • His high damage output is great versus tanks, and Roadhog is a very popular hero in CTF.


  • Can protect the carrier with his shield and use Earthshatter on the pursuers.

  • Of course, the shield can be used to protect your team from the enemy’s turrets, or to defend your own Bastion/Torbjorn.

  • He can also carry the flag himself, but charging will drop it. Overall, I believe he is better as a support than as a carrier.

Year of the Dog Roadhog Overwatch.jpg


  • He is the best carrier in the game thanks to his massive health pool, and self healing plus damage reduction provided by Take a Breather.

  • Can hook any opponent trying to steal the flag.

Soldier: 76

  • Can sprint to chase the enemy carrier.


  • EMP and Hack to disable the enemy’s defenses.

  • Great mobility via Stealth and Translocator, she can chase and kill the enemy carrier.


  • Decent carrier. While running away she can use Photon Barrier to block incoming projectiles and spam Sentry Turrets to slow down the pursuers (and maybe even kill them).

  • The turrets are great to defend the flag as almost all the maps have enclosed zones with optimal placements.

  • A properly placed Shield Generator is hard to detect and will provide 75 extra health points to all allies for about one third of the map.

  • If the team is well-coordinated, she can drop a teleport near the enemy’s base for a surprise assault.


  • One of the best defenders thanks to his turret.

  • A decent carrier as he can drop armor packs and deploy level 1 turrets while running away, and even activate Molten Core without dropping the flag.


  • She can’t use her abilities so is pretty bad as a carrier, but can use them to pursue and kill the enemy one.


  • Mostly used to defend your flag.


  • I consider him a good support for the carrier as he can protect them with Barrier Project, quickly reach any pursuer thanks to his mobility, and push them away while in Primal Rage.

  • Potentially, he can even be the carry as he can jump over the defenses and is quite tanky.

zenyatta year of the dog overwatch.jpg


  • The bubble is great to protect the flag carrier, and she can also block a lot of damage with her body.

  • Graviton Surge is amazing in defense and to stop the pursuers.


  • Orb of Discord on the enemy carrier, Orb of Harmony on yours.

  • Transcendence is of great help both in the enemy base, and to heal the entire team while running away with the flag.


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