Who is the new Dota 2 hero? - Mars

Who is the new Dota 2 hero? - Mars

All the hints we have on the new and upcoming Dota 2 heroes will be updated on this page over time. Currently, the next expected hero is called Mars.


We still have no official info from Valve on Mars, but the main client update on January 3rd, 2018 included various files associated to him.

Particle Updates

  • Added particles for "Spear Wall" of a hero internally referred to as "Mars".

Image: Dota 2 Wiki

Image: Dota 2 Wiki


  • Added ability icon for Mars' Phalanx Cancel.

Mars Phalanx Cancel Dota 2.png
  • Added ability icon for Mars' Spear.

Mars Spear Dota 2.png

All game files related to Mars have been removed in a second update during the same day.

Some users noticed that the Mars’ Spear model is identical to The Spear of the Beast from Monster Hunter Generation, and it is the same weapon employed in the famous manga Ushio & Tora.

A weapon that uses the power of souls to slay demons. It provides its wielder with extreme power. The final form of the Spear of the Beast channels the rage of multiple people to increase its power.
Image: mhgen.kiranico.com

Image: mhgen.kiranico.com

  1. Do not forget that many past heroes have been teased with a different name in the game files, so Mars could not be the final one.

  2. We are predicting a spear user, maybe correlated to a Spartan warrior or to the Roman god of war, Mars. It isn’t something unrealistic as in the game we already have Zeus, the Greek thunder god.

  3. Many League of Legends players are already considering our next hero a copy of one of their champions, Pantheon.

Update 25/08

Mars Trailer


During The International 8, Valve released trailers on Mars and Grimstroke. The latter is already available in the game, while Mars will be out only this winter.

We still have no details on his abilities, but in the video you can spot his famous spear with which he raises undead spartan warriors from the ground.

Image: Valve

Image: Valve


Header image: Valve

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