The best Dota 2 mobile apps for Android and iOS

The best Dota 2 mobile apps for Android and iOS

I tried multiple Dota 2 apps to find out the best ones for Android and iOS. They are divided in categories based on their purpose.

The apps have been tested on Android, but most of them also have an iOS version.

I think that the in-game Dota 2 item builds are more updated and simpler to use, nevertheless I have added one of the most popular hero build apps for those interested.

There were literally dozens of counter picking apps, and in the end I have included those that have a better interface and more features. Probably, all of them retrieve data from the same statistical sources.

All statistical apps I tried were subpar if compared to the amount of data provided by most websites, so I have discarded all of them but the upcoming OpenDota one.

Remote control


Available for Android and iOS

The app is ad-free


  • Accept or decline party invitations.

  • Queue for games.

  • Accept games, also custom ones.

  • Pick and random heroes.

  • Chat with your team in the lobby.

  • See your team’s hero selections and both teams hero picks.

It requires an installer on your computer to connect your Dota 2 client with the mobile app. It only functions with 64-bit Windows - no Linux or Mac.

The desktop client passively reads the game client’s memory, and the developers confirmed that you can’t get VAC banned for using it.

It supports screen resolutions with 4:3, 16:10, and 16:9 aspect ratio, so it doesn’t work with an ultrawide monitor.


Competitive games


Only available on Android

The app is ad-free


  • Huge quantity of data for each game: live graphs, player stats, hero position on the map, and towers/barracks status.

  • Player profiles with item and skill builds, net worth, cs, and more.

  • Actions logs showing item purchased, buybacks, team fights, and more.

  • Notifications when your favorite teams and tournaments start playing.

  • Detects all Twitch streamers broadcasting the game, allowing you to watch them in the app while following the stats.

  • Audio-only streams accessible for low data usage.


Live Dota

Available only on Android

It contains ads


  • Similarly to TrackDota, you are notified when your favorite teams or leagues are live, and you can watch the Twitch streams within the app, or the audio-only version.

  • It shows where players are on the minimap, and provides info and statistics such as items bought, gold graphs, cs, kills, and more

  • Home screen widget for a quick overview of all live matches

  • It lets you watch your favorite Dota 2 YouTube videos, match replays, and highlights.


Counter Picking

True Sight

Only available on Android

The app is ad-free


  • List of stuns, disables, and silences at disposal of the enemy team, and details on their abilities and talents.

  • It tells which enemy abilities can be blocked by spells immunity, or purged with a basic or strong dispel.

  • Counter picking can be filtered by role: carry, mid, support, offlaner, roamer, or jungler.


Easy Pick

Available for Android and iOS

It contains ads


  • Draft simulation with suggestions on the best heroes.

  • Descriptions for hero abilities, talent tree, and combos.

  • Info on the most suitable counter and ally picks for each hero.

  • Over 500 videos explaining the counter picks.

Easy Pick counter picking Dota 2

Ez Pick

Available for Android and iOS

It contains ads


  • Favorite list of heroes.

  • MMR based recommendations.

  • Sortable by attack type (ranged/melee), lane, and role.

  • Best and worst opponents and allies

Ez Pick lanes sorting Dota 2

Hero Builds


Available for Android and iOS

It contains ads


  • Recommended hero builds including items and skills. Skill builds are editable.

  • The item builds are arranged depending on the game phase: early, mid, and late game.

  • Descriptions of items and combos.

  • You can create your own custom item builds and access them even without an internet connection. The builds can be synced among all devices.

This app has been designed by the same creators of Easy Pick, so it also contains all the counter pick videos, and the best allies and counters for each hero.


Dota 2 statistics


Available for Android and iOS

Currently, the app is ad-free

OpenDota is one of the best Dota 2 statistical websites, and recently the developers released an app to take advantage of their software also on mobile.

The app is in beta and doesn’t have the same features of the website, but more will be added over time. It parses your games and presents detailed stats about your matches, heroes, and overall performance.

I talked about their app and on how to enter the beta in a previous news.

Update: the app has been officially released.


If you think I missed a good app in this list, let me know and I will check it out.

Credit to the respective app owners for the images used in the article - Header image: Valve

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