Top 10 most played Off lane heroes of 7.19b at 5k MMR

Top 10 most played Off lane heroes of 7.19b at 5k MMR

The top 10 most popular Dota 2 heroes in the off lane during 7.19b. We will learn the best picks in the meta, the patch changes, and how to play or counter them.

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The heroes are arranged by pick rate, and the data considers all games played in any region in the 5k+ (Divine) bracket. Note that we can’t filter data for 7.19b only, so the past 30 days are examined. Statistics from Dotabuff.

Top 5

Hero Name Pick Win%
Wraith King 31.6% 57.2%
Grimstroke 25.8% 50.9%
Weaver 22.5% 52.0%
Dark Willow 18.5% 52.4%
Earthshaker 17.3% 50.8%

This month there are many changes in the top 10. Windranger, Axe, Pudge, and Crystal Maiden dropped out of it, and have been replaced by Grimstroke, Wraith King, Weaver, and Earthshaker.

One of the reasons behind these new faces in pubs is the influence of The International 8. Most of the heroes in the top 10 were also tier 1 and 2 heroes during the tournament, and almost all of them have been hurt by nerfs in 7.19b.

This is mostly a patch with the purpose to tone down the current best heroes and deliver a more balanced experience during the qualifiers for the Kuala Lumpur Major. I expect a bigger update to hit the Dota 2 client once the qualifiers end.

I warmly recommend reading the TI8 Tier List!

In the previous tier list, I pointed out why picks such as Wraith King, Weaver, Mirana, etc. became so popular. In total honesty, it is a good summary to understand the meta played by pros in the greatest tournament of the year, and the interactions among these picks.

The same explanations also works for high level pubs, so in this article we will dedicate our time to all the changes in 7.19b which affected the heroes in the new and old top 10.

Top 10

Hero Name Pick Win%
Phoenix 15.3% 50.7%
Enchantress 13.5% 51.3%
Mirana 11.5% 48.2%
Necrophos 11.4% 53.4%
Treant Protector 10.9% 53.9%


  • Base movement speed reduced by 15.

Before this nerf, Enchantress was the fastest hero in the game. She still has an insane movement speed as only 5 heroes are faster than her, but at least now you have more chances to catch her.

Even after all the nerfs that affected her in the past months, I consider the hero excessively strong because she enjoys a godlike laning phase, and with Impetus can out-damage most heroes with literally zero items.

Reducing the movement speed will punish more her mistakes in the very early game because she will be more susceptible to coordinated ganks.

Darkfall Warden loading screen for Mirana - Valve

Darkfall Warden loading screen for Mirana - Valve


  • Level 15 Talent reduced from +100 Leap Attack Speed to +80.

Mirana is mostly picked for her versatility, great laning phase, almost permanent invisibility with the level 25 talent, and ability to deal damage with a minimum number of items.

+100 attack speed is a huge amount. As a comparison, the Hyperstone costs 2k gold and only gives 55 attack speed. This reduction helps, but won’t really hinder the hero too much.


  • Agility rescaled from 15 + 1.2 to 12 + 1.3.

  • Base movement speed reduced by 5.

Necrophos was already super slow, and this change reduced even more his position in the charts: there are only 9 heroes slower than him. A mobility item is mandatory.

Remaining changes

As a result of the dual lane meta, there are several heroes that excel both in the safe and the hard lane.

I have already explained all the 7.19b changes about Wraith King, Weaver, Dark Willow, and Crystal Maiden in the article on the safe laners.

Header image: Rustic Finery screen for Enchantress - Valve

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