StarLadder observer looking for community feedback

StarLadder observer looking for community feedback

Alex “vandersardota” Miloshevich, the main observer for StarLadder, apologized for his performance during SL i-league Invitational S3.

With a post on Reddit, Alex asked for pardon to the Dota 2 fans for all the mistakes he committed while observing the StarLadder Minor.

He explained the main reasoning behind the issue: they hired the second observer just a day before the event started, so they didn’t have the time to properly organize the work.

Vandersardota asked for tips to some English and Russian casters, because he wants to improve and deliver a better experience in his next tournament. He directed the question also to the community, and we asked his permission to share it on our website.

"I am the observer that didn’t show a first blood, missed frags and other. I would like to say that this is not a denial of the fact that I haven’t worked out on hundred percent but, better to say, setting the record straight and an explanation of a few moments.

And again I would like to apologize for the event. I am writing this for you to give me a feedback to make everything better at the next events, primarily, for you.

Let’s start with that three of us were working on observing of the event: a director of observers, a second observer and I as the main observer.

We had no full-time second observer, and we had found him less than a day before the event started and the director of observers was the main CS:GO observer, so we had one day to find a common ground and this was not enough. I won’t argue that there were no my mistakes - they definitely happened, and that was quite obvious.

Also, we had been listening to the Russian-speaking casters on the first and the second day and to the English casters on the last two days and everything became better but not that much. Also, I would like to say that the second day of the tournament was fully failed by me. Why? That’s a good question.

I received a feedback from a couple of English casters and also from Russian-speaking ones. And now, I want to ask you what I have to fix for you to feel comfortable watching my camera and not to switch on Dota TV and to switch off the stream as I am waiting for one more LAN tournament in the short term.


P.S. Was really hard to be main observer for all 4 days."

You can reach Alex on Twitter.


Source: Reddit - Header Image: StarLadder

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