GranDGranT joins Evil Geniuses as a streamer

GranDGranT joins Evil Geniuses as a streamer

Grant "GranDGranT" Harris became the first member of EG’s stream team. One of the most loved and talented NA streamers has found a new home.

Today Evil Geniuses revealed that GranDGranT joined the organization as a streamer.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to formally adopt Grant into the EG family. He’s always been the voice of North American Dota, and now he is going to be an official voice of EG, too.
— EG COO Phil Ara
Since the early 2000’s, when I watched both Starcraft as well as Dota 1, I fell in love with bleeding blue and grew up cheering for the team. It feels less like joining an org today and more like joining a family of a bunch of people I already consider family.
— Grant "GranDGranT" Harris

Grant is one of Reddit’s favorite casters. Many threads popped up asking him to offer his ability to cast some of the qualifiers that took place in the past weeks.

On September 30, he affirmed on Twitter that he would deliver what the fans want:

I have decided that after this batch of Qualifiers, I am going to be casting Qualifiers whether I am the Official Caster or not for NA/SA.

We hope that his new role with EG will not interfere with this plan, but instead will give him the opportunity to spend more time doing what he loves.

According to the former caster Aaron "Ayesee" Chambers, Evil Geniuses only hired four full time commentators in their staff so far:

  • Tasteless

  • Orb

  • Ayesee

  • GrandGranT


Header Image: Evil Geniuses

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