Announced the teams for Midas Mode

Jake "SirActionSlacks" Kanner announced the teams for Midas Mode, the long-awaited tournament organized by MoonduckTV.

Four teams from North America and four from Europe will battle from November 18th to 28th:

  • Evil Geniuses

  • Immortals

  • Digital Chaos

  • OpTic Gaming

  • Team Liquid

  • OG

  • Natus Vincere

  • MidOrFeed

In an earlier video published on February 20th, SirActionSlacks explained how Midas Mode works.

Main rules for Midas Mode

  1. Each team receives a set sum of money at the start of the tournament, called Moonbucks.

  2. Each hero has a cost in money based on factors such as popularity and win rate - the better the hero, the more expensive it is.

  3. The cost of the heroes can change match by match.

  4. Everything has a price: banning heroes, choosing a side of the map, and even pausing the game.

  5. Once the teams are out of money they can keep picking only the worst heroes, but will lose their ability to ban them and pause the match.

  6. Randoming a hero is free of charge.

  7. The teams can earn money back through the bounty system: every week the community will suggest challenges that they must complete for extra cash.

  8. The teams can also bet money on any series, but not on their own matches.

Our goal is to make the Midas Mode experience as interactive and detailed as possible without overwhelming spectators and players with too much intricate complexity.
— Andrew “Zyori” Campbell


Header Image: MoonduckTV

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