Dota Auto Chess: most popular Synergy combos - June 2019

Dota Auto Chess: most popular Synergy combos - June 2019

The top 20 most popular class and species synergy combos in Dota Auto Chess. The data is gathered via an official API and considers all regions and servers.

The Heybox app from is a Chinese app officially authorized by the game developers. It gathers data from all the regions and servers, but it is based on the final boards, so it doesn’t take into consideration all the chess pieces bought and sold during the match.

Even if the statistics are slightly biased, they are the only reliable and official ones at our disposal, and I believe they are useful to study the meta. I will update this article over time, but be aware that the data might become inaccessible in the future.

The table below shows the most used synergy combos at Rook and above.

May 27th - June 3rd

The table is responsive and sortable. If you are using a phone, turn it sideways for a full view. Otherwise, zoom in or click the grey area of the table to swipe and sort it.

Synergies Times used Win%
6 Elf - 3 Assassin 17K 7.3%
3 Dragon - 2 Human - 6 Knight 13K 9.4%
4 Troll - 2 Undead - 3 Warlock - 3 Knight 12K 12.2%
3 Dragon - 2 Undead - 2 Human - 6 Knight 11K 30.9%
3 Elf - 6 Assassin 9647 12.9%
6 Elf - 3 Hunter 9631 4.7%
2 Undead - 2 Human - 3 Warrior - 3 Hunter 9371 13.5%
2 Naga - 2 Human - 6 Warrior 8157 15.4%
2 Undead - 2 Naga - 2 Human - 3 Warrior - 3 Hunter 7472 25.4%
6 Elf - 4 Druid - 3 Assassin 7079 22.0%
6 Elf - 4 Druid - 3 Hunter 5307 18.6%
2 God - 3 Mage 5145 42.5%
1 God - 3 Mage 4764 3.8%
4 Beast - 2 Human - 6 Warrior 4359 13.8%
4 Orc - 2 Human - 3 Warrior - 3 Mage 4167 14.6%
4 Orc - 2 Human - 3 Mage 3976 3.5%
2 Human - 2 Elemental - 3 Mage 3930 11.8%
4 Beast - 2 Naga - 2 Human - 6 Warrior 3486 33.0%
2 Human - 3 Mage 2983 4.8%
4 Troll - 2 Human - 6 Knight 2627 13.6%

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A summary of the data

Mage and God

All the team compositions with mages unlocked only the first synergy tier which requires three mage chess pieces.

There are several hero units that inflict magic damage and are great picks for this lineup, but they are not actual mages; such as Shadow Fiend, Kunkka, Disruptor, Wind Ranger, Necrophos, Witch Doctor, etc.

Using six mages brings huge frontline problems because they lack tank pieces. Instead, you need tough heroes with crowd control skills (Kunkka), healers who provide sustain to the lineup (Necrophos), or abilities to increase the survivability of your frontline heroes (Dazzle’s Shallow Grave).

If you are able to reach the late game with the proper team composition, the cooldown reduction bonus provided by two god pieces is ridiculously overpowered, so it pretty much guarantees a win due to the massive burst damage in a short time.

Orc and Naga

Orcs work well in the early/mid game thanks to their toughness, and they are also an optimal choice versus mages because raw health makes them survive for a longer time, while the armor of the warriors has no use against magic damage.

Still, orcs are not very successful in the late game, and two naga are the best choice versus casters because of the extra magic resistance they give to the whole team.


You can’t make a composition based on undead (similarly to humans and naga), but they are pretty much an add-on which is used to increase the overall damage of physical attackers.

Undead are respectable picks with trolls or hunters as they both have auto-attack oriented abilities.

Pact of the Wurmblood loading screen for Dragon Knight - Valve

Pact of the Wurmblood loading screen for Dragon Knight - Valve


Dragon lineups are among the most popular ones mostly due to the strength of Dragon Knight’s Dragon Form. Six-knight is the most used synergy with them as after the rework knights give the damage-reducing shield to the whole team.


Six elves are insane - if you are not facing mages or Techies - as they can dodge most attacks versus physical damage dealers.

Elves are usually paired with assassins or hunters for heavy DPS builds, and with druids for a tankier variant. As you can see from the data, six elves achieved the highest win rate with the four-druid synergy plus three assassins or three hunters for damage.


We don’t find nine warriors among the most popular compositions, but it looks like they mostly act as front liners for hunter or beast lineups.

The four-beast plus six-warrior split is quite successful, but you require also two naga to be safe against god-mage teams in the late game. The core warriors of this formation are Kunnka, Doom, Lycan, and Troll Warlord.

Warriors are very flexible, but this can lead to problems because you can’t just use the same lineup in every game, so it is necessary to pick your warriors and the best race/class split based on the drops and the opponents’ team.

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Header image: Fluttering Amethyst loading screen for Templar Assassin - Valve

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