China CSGO City Elite Tournament by Perfect World

China CSGO City Elite Tournament by Perfect World

Perfect World announced the China CS:GO City Elite Tournament, a $75,785 event that will involve amateur players in 32 cities of China.

The City Elite Tournament by Perfect World will take place from October 21 to December 17. It will be hosted in more than 100 internet cafes and venues in 32 cities of China, and it is strictly prohibited to pro players.

The event is composed of four stages: weekly, monthly, regional, and national tournaments.

Info from the Chinese CS:GO website. We are sorry in advance for any translation mistake.

All tournaments have a single elimination bracket, and only the winner of each one will advance to the next phase.

Internet cafè champions - Weekly

October 21 to November 11 - Bo1 matches

  1. $75

Monthly championship

November 12 - Bo1 matches - Bo3 final

  1. $303

  2. $227

  3. $45

Regional championship

November 18 to December 10 - Bo3 matches

  1. $759

  2. $455

  3. $303

  4. $303

National championship

December 16 to 17

  1. $15,193

  2. $7,596

  3. $3,039

  4. $3,039


Header Image: Perfect World

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