IEM updates Regional Qualifiers rules

IEM updates Regional Qualifiers rules

Intel Extreme Masters updated its rulebook. Teams with a valid reason can now participate in qualifiers held outside their home region.

The open qualifiers for Intel Extreme Masters XII Oakland started today, and feature three different regions: Europe, North America, and East & SEA.

The previous rule prevented any team from switching to another region with the goal of fighting against easier opponents. Starting from today all IEM events will follow the new code.

Any team that wishes to play in a different qualifier must contact the ESL league administration team with a valid motive.

Each case will be considered independently, and if an exception is granted, the new region will be considered the team’s new home region for the rest of the event, or until the condition for the exemption ceases.

ESL listed some valid examples that will grant an exception:

  • There are no qualifiers in a team’s home region, and the team is willing to travel in the region of the qualifier to take part in the tournament.

  • A team is already playing in an event based on a region different from their home territory. The matches are in a close time proximity with the IEM ones, and travelling back home would be unreasonable.

  • The team is currently in another region for a valid esports reason, and it can prove that this condition hasn’t been created purposely to take part in an easier qualifier.

The complete IEM rulebook is accessible here.

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